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Based on the past 26 years’ experience, we understand that our customers choose Huijia because it is Innovative, High-grade and International. These three features set the strategic orientation of Huijia School and provide a vivid description of the school. Furthermore, they also serve as the code of conduct for all the members of Huijia.

































5 December

The school was approved by the Municipal Education Commission (Document No. 068【1998】) as the co-founder of Beijing Aohua College together with the Australian I...


The construction of the middle school library and teaching building was completed. 

1 September

The IB high school section was established with 77 students enrolled. 


The school was selected as the National Key Experimental School of the Ninth Five-Year Plan by the Central Education Research Institute. 

7 May

Mr. Goodburn, Director of the IBO Asian-Pacific region visited the school.


The construction of the 4th dormitory building of the middle school students was completed.


2 December

Mr. Craig, a US Senator visited the school during his visit to China and expressed positive comment on the educational cooperation project run by the school and...

1 November

The school became an official member of the Beijing UNESCO Association Club.

1 November

One of the IB high school students, Ding Ke attended at the UNESCO International Youth Forum in Paris, France and delivered a speech.

20 October

Mr. Xu Jialu, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Mr. Tao Xiping and Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the ...

30 September

Following the instructions as indicated in the Document No. 065【1999】, the school became the experimental school for comprehensive educational reform.

8 September

Mr. Lin Wenyi, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, Mr. Gen Xuechao Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Commission and Mr. Bai Zongquan, Party Secretary of Chang pin...

1 September

Aohua School officially opened with 30 teaching staff and 58 students.

1 September

73 students were awarded the gold, silver and bronze scholarships at the opening ceremony of new term.

13 July

The school held the 4th briefing on students’ study in the United States, which was joined by Mr.Lesh, Second Secretary of the US Embassy.

15-18 June

Principal Wang Jiajun attended the Third National Educational Work Conference as the only representative of privately run primary and second schools in Beijing....


Principal Wang Jiajun led a six-person delegation to Changsha for a seminar on the IB PYP and MYP.

15 May

The school’s first kindergarten was set up with 9 children and 12 teaching staff.

16 March

A delegation with more than 40 members led by the Beijing Municipal CPPCC and the leaders of the Municipal Education Commission came to the school for research ...

12 March

Mr. William W. Lesh, Second Secretary of the US Embassy in China visited the school and held talks with students who had just returned from the United States.&n...

20 January

The school became one of the earliest schools obtaining the Non-governmental School License of the People’s Republic of China. 


23 October

Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, Assistant Minister of Education and Mr. Ding Hongyu, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of the Municipal Education Commission came to the sc...

27 September

8 school leaders from the Country Garden School Guangdong came to the school to learn the management experience of the IB programmes.

30 August

The construction of the No.6 student apartment was completed with a total construction area of 5,800 square meters.

14 July

Dr.George Walker, the Director General of the IBO led a 4-person delegation to visit the school.

12 July

Liu Xiaohua, Li Yanli, Fang Lidong and other teaching staff of the school attended a seminar of the IB Asia-Pacific primary and secondary school projects in Zhe...

7 July

Director General of the IBO congratulated Chinese students on achieving outstanding exam results.

7 July

Cui Rui and Hong Wei, two students from the 1998 cohort of the IB high school section obtained full score (7 points) in the IB pre-examination.


Huijia Farm covering an area of 28 hectares was set up by the school.

1 June

280 primary school students participated in the martial arts performance at Tiananmen Square during the International Children’s Day celebration.

10 April

The school obtained the permission from the Beijing Education Commission to cooperate the University College of the Cariboo in opening joint high school classes...


The school ran a trial on admitting foreign students. 


Beijing Furen Foreign Language Institute in Changping Yuan of Zhongguancun Science Park joined Huijia Educational Institution. 


Huijia Educational Institution was founded with Huijia Kindergarten, Huijia School, Huijia Vocational Technical School and Aohua College as school sections.&nbs...


12 November

The Communist Youth League Committee of Beijing Huijia Private School was established under the permission of the Youth League Committee of Changping District.

18 October

Principal Wang Jiajun attended the 17th annual meeting of the IBO in Shanghai.

1 September

The new primary school building and the no. 7 student dormitory building were put into use.


The school invested more than 5 million CNY in installing multi-media facilities in the teaching buildings of the primary and secondary school sections.

23 August

The school hosted the closing ceremony of the East Asian Children Art Festival, which was organized by the UNESCO and National Association of Chinese Clubs.

22 July

Three foreign students attended the University Entrance Examination of China, among them two were admitted by Renmin University and one was admitted by Beijing ...

5 July

The pass rate of 1998IB and 1999IB students of the English pre-exam reached 100%.


The school held a press conference to launch the million-dollar worth Elite Scholarship program.

6 June

The first IB High School Graduation Ceremony was held on the school lawn. Mr. Ren Xueliang, Deputy Mayor of Changping District attended the ceremony.

4 June

The school presented the Beijing Olympic Committee a piece of circular paper-cutting artwork with a diameter of 6 meters made by teachers and students of the sc...


TV series Da Zhai Men was broadcasted by CCTV the young Bai Jinqi (the main character) was played by two of the students of the school. 

16 May

The first school staff representative conference was organized and Wang Shuyan was elected as the chairman of the school’s labor union. 

11 May

The admissions officer of the Swansea College of the University of Wales came to the school and made a lecture on admission consultation.

28 April

Mr. Shen Hongen, Director of middle/junior high school section led 7 teachers to attend the IB Asia-Pacific Primary and Secondary School Training and Seminar he...

20 April

The school discussed with Mr. Jung Jee Dong, Dean of the Korea-China Education Development Institute of Korea Co., Ltd. regarding sending Korean students to the...

9 April

Head of the elementary education office of Shanghai Education Commission led a group of 30 people including many private school principals from Shanghai visited...

4 April

An 8-person delegation from the Education Supervision Office of the Beijing Municipal Government visited the school and wrote inscription: Private education has...

2 April

Mr. Kennedy, Director of the International Admissions Department of Oxford University visited the school and held briefing on making application to the universi...


Mr. Zhang Weijiang, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission led six division chiefs to visit the school. The delegation was accompanied by Direc...

1 March

The Foreign Student Department of the school was formally established with 89 students and 7 Chinese teachers. 


IB high school student Li Zhan won the first prize in Beijing Middle School English Contest.

24-25 February

The school board chairman Mr. Wang Zhize attended the New Century Summit Forum of Private Science and Technology Enterprises held in the Great Hall of the Peopl...

17 January

The school began to implement the three-level administrative management system composed of school principal, directors of departments and class teachers.


15 October

A more than 40-person delegation comprising of leaders from provincial civil affairs bureau attending the second National Urban Civil Organization Management In...


The junior high school sections in the Chinese and international departments were merged as the new bilingual junior high school section.

19 September

43 students from the primary school section took part in the brainstorm challenge in a famous CCTV kids’ program Great Windmill and won the first place.


The school was recognized as a member school of the Chinese Youth Science Education Club by the Development Center of the China Young Pioneers.

15 May

The five foreign students from the Foreign Student Department were all admitted to Peking University.

















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