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Switzerland International Skiing Winter Camp

Human curiosity continues to push us to higher and farther unknown places. Wisdom and Courage are byproducts of this urge.

Verbier, with an altitude of 2000m, is the largest skiing heaven in Switzerland——4 Vallées’s most famous segment. The gorgeous landscape of the Alps and the near perfect ski slopes gather ski enthusiasts here every year from December to April.

From 1/27 through 2/9 of 2018, 26 Huijia student and teachers came to Verbier to begin their Winter skiing experience. As a traditional Huijia Winter program, The Swiss skiing trip has been ongoing for four years. Each year, Huijia skiing enthusiasts come here for the views and ski slopes. They enjoy challenging themselves on harder slopes and sharing the joy with skiers from all over the world!


Switzerland International Skiing Winter Camp

Mr. Liu said, “The Swiss International Skiing Winter Camp is Huijia’s traditional winter program. Switzerland has natural world-class ski slopes. Combined with coaching from the expert local ski coaches, students can truly experience the spirit and culture of skiing while homing in their skiing skills. In addition, Switzerland’s unique natural and cultural heritage allows the kids to gain international perspective and immerse into this international environment. This is precisely the multicultural education I advocate for.”

8天 64小时

 8 days, 64 hours, Students are receiving instruction from foreign coaches under professional and safe conditions. Whether they are dealing with low visibility from a snow storm or challenging themselves on the daunting Audi slope, these 8 days will always an experience of a lifetime.

No one ever gives up easily!

Venturing through mountains in covered snow and leaving behind staggered or smooth skiing tracks, the students are constantly practicing and getting better. No matter how many times they fall, they always rise and try again!

In the end

In the end, all of kids reached Intermediate and Advanced levels. When the kids placed the Huijia flag on the peak of the Verbier Mountain, the coach told everyone excitingly that they were all brave adventurers! If one can triumph in face of the obstacles posed by nature, they could easily push through the once-considered difficulties in life with poise and ease.

Aside from skiing, the kids also visited many landmarks in Switzerland. In the Chaplin Museum, the kids witnessed the charisma of the comedy master; at the Chateau de Chilon, they were mesmerized by the swiss castles. They rode on the train heading towards the peak of Europe and saw the beauty of the Jungfrau. Heading down an icy river to an ice-carved palace, the kids were astonished by the force of nature. At the Olympic Museum, they learned about the history of Olympia and its spirit.           

Switzerland International Skiing Winter Camp

Coaches and campers from 45 different countries in the world bonded together through the sport of skiing. The camping site was an international community that brought about magical experiences nightly. During the evening, the students can interact with teenagers from all over the world. They played field hockey with others from UAE and the UK, making connections that they would not have otherwise. These 8 days left them with friendships and memories that they would relish for long thereafter.

Switzerland International Skiing Winter Camp

The Swiss International Skiing Winter Camp ended with everyone longing for more. The students gained valor, perseverance, and a competitive spirit through skiing. Together with the cultural knowledge and new perspectives, these values and knowledge will become an important part of these student’s identities.

“Standing at the foot of Alps, I realized how minute I was as an entity. When we stepped onto our skis and experienced the cycle of falling, failure, and success, I know why nature is teaching us this crucial lesson. Immersed in this breathtaking world, I think we should all thank and appreciate nature for its gifts, and especially for this surreal journey.” –Student Diary
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