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On 10 March 2017, there were 6,068 programmes being offered worldwide, across 4,655 schools.The IB students of the various places in the f912219d972ca8ffa3f25ad035a20386.pngworld are all studying on the basis of the same teaching syllabus, taking the global unified examinations in which the papers are offered and graded by the IBO headquarters according to overall plan, the examinees' scores are announced by the IBO headquarters. The student, holding the IB Diploma, which is globally accepted, awarded by the Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, may directly apply to thousands of top universities all over the world, without taking the local University Entrance Examinations. The Diploma holders, when applying to the universities, usually only need to submit applications according to the lowest admission scores announced by the universities of the various countries in the world, so that the students have had clear directions before the examinations. Many universities have even given IB graduates with excellent scores several preferential treatments, such as exempting them from all or some of the first year curriculums, etc. The universities including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine in the UK as well as Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University in the USA, etc. have all given IB graduates many preferential treatments. In addition, IB curriculum at the planning has not only adhered to the appropriate academic level, but also shown respect for the various countries' cultures as well as the students' language backgrounds. Therefore, whether or not the students are from English-speaking countries, they may seek the highest academic performance under this fair system, rise and enter famous universities.

Huijia School, on the basis of Chinese students' characteristics with the situation at the School, according to the IBO requirements, has offered the courses as following: Chinese A1, Chinese B, Korean A1, English B, mathematics, physics, chemistry ,biology, history, philosophy, economics, commercial management and arts; Except Chinese A1, Chinese B, Korean A1, the other subjects are all taught in English. Chinese A1 is mainly literary appreciation and comments. Its level is also far above that of traditional senior high school. Each subjects are meant to incorporate with three cores of IBDP, namely TOK, EE, and CAS. CAS (is one of the three core courses in the IB Diploma Program (IBDP), which) includes three aspects as follows: Creativity, Action, and Service. CAS actively encourages the students to work for sports, arts as well as community service; its aim is to let the students to learn to innovate, learn to care for others, learn to cooperate, to cultivate the students' ability to explore, and to plan and organize. EE is the writing of extended essays, which requires students to research into topic of their preference and to develop a scholastic presentation. It is a very effective way to prepare students so that they become acquainted with college requirements abroad. TOK, theory of knowledge, asking students critically analyze the knowledge they obtain so that that they understand the scope and limitation of each knowledge domain. From there, they may develop a more thorough way of knowing.

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