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Language is fundamental to learning, thinking and communicating, and the power of language is best experienced through quality literature. MYP not only emphasizes developing the language skills, such as, listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting, but also stresses that students need to develop these skills through the study of both language and literature.

In Beijing Huijia Middle School, the majority of students choose Chinese as their language and literature, with only a few non-Chinese native speakers choosing their mother tongue as their language and literature.


The aims of the teaching and study of MYP language and literature are to encourage and enable students to:



Grade 7:

  1. Use oral, written, and visual language in familiar context.

  2. Understand the effects of author's choices on an audience.

  3. Compose pieces that apply familiar literacy and/or non-literacy features to serve the context and intention.

  4. Compare and contrast familiar works, and connect themes across and within genres.

  5. Express personal responses to literacy and/or non-literacy texts.

  6. Express ideas and arguments in a coherent and logical manner.

  7. Use language to narrate, describe, explain, argue, persuade, inform, entertain and express feelings.


Grade 8:

  1. Appreciate and evaluate the language, content, structure, meaning and significance of both familiar and previously unseen oral, written and visual texts.

  2. Apply language A terminology in context.

  3. Compare and contrast familiar and unfamiliar works, and connect themes across and within genres.

  4. Express an informed and independent response to literary and non-literary texts.

  5. Organize ideas and arguments in a sustained, coherent and logical manner.

  6. Employ appropriate organizational structures.

  7. Use language to narrate, describe, analyze, explain, argue, persuade, inform, entertain, express feelings.

  8. Use accurate language and use appropriate and varied register, vocabulary and idioms.


Grade 9:

  1. Appreciate and evaluate literacy works from different perspectives.

  2. Create work that employs organizational structures and language-specific conventions throughout a variety of text types.

  3. Employ appropriate and varied organizational structures.

  4. Use appropriate and varied sentence structure, grammar and syntax.

  5. Always organize ideas and arguments in a sustained, coherent and logical manner.

  6. Express an informed and independent response to varied literary and non-literary texts.





The following assessment criteria have been established by the IB for language and literature in the MYP.

All the criteria need to be used at least twice each year. Teachers need to provide students with task specific descriptors.


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