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Skating Club

· 滑冰基础班

Elementary Skating Class


Elementary Skating Class, class caps at 12 people. Will focus on elementary or intermediate skating skills. Lessons will accommodate how fast and well the student is learning; in 24 lessons, student will have significant improvement in skating skills. Other than cultivating interest, the school will start a skating team and choose excellent skaters to represent Huijia in national and international competitions.


Coach information: Has been a professional speed skating coach for nine years; attended international and national level competition ever year. Has been coaching students after retiring as an athlete. National Level One speed skating athlete, National Level One speed skating referee.

· 滑冰提高班

Advanced Skating Class


· To help popularize the Winter Olympic sports, Huijia, with its excellent facilities, invited professional couches to train studnets in winter sports, and teach teenagers figure skating and speed skating. This club aims to help students improve endurance, perseverance, personality, and physical abilitis; to help students live healthier lives, to train the epencephalon, and make students stronger in a safe environment. Don’t over protect the children, let them have a more fit body.


教练简介:毕业于哈尔滨体育学院花样滑冰专业,国家级运动员,曾获得ISU国家级资格证书,担任过港澳台大学生国情体验活动教练员, ISI会籍教练,教学经验丰富。

Coach information: Graduated from Harbin Sports Academy in Figure Skating, National Athlete, Approved ISU National level athlete, was coach for Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan college students experience progrom. ISI coach, and is very experienced.


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