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About ICT

Promoting information literacy, providing educational resources, and being the new powerhouse of the digital Huijia.

Brief Introduction to the ICT & Educational Resources Center

With the advancement of information technology (IT), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become an emerging field. To be proficient in ICT is a reflection of information literacy. Cultural literacy and information literacy are two basic skills which human beings should possess in the information era.

ICT is an acronym for Information and Communications Technology:

I - represents information, meaning the acquisition and application of information.

C - represents communication, meaning exchanging and displaying the information you have acquired via different media, such as electronic equipment, computer software, computing and communications devices, social networking, etc.

T - represents technology, meaning technology and techniques.

Beijing Huijia Private School’s About ICT (hereinafter referred to as the ICT Center) was founded on September 1, 2013, when Beijing Huijia Private School (hereinafter referred to as Huijia School) decided to explore international ICT education and establish the ICT Center. The purpose was to integrate resources, maximize efficiency, simplify procedures for requesting and purchasing teaching and learning resources, research and implement international ICT information-based teaching approaches, and provide more overall support for teaching and learning.

The ICT Center consists of the Huijia School Library, ICT Education, and the Educational Resources Center. It is an essential education support department needed for educational resource and information literacy development.

In keeping up with the advancements of the digital age, the ICT Center is dedicated to developing IB learners with ICT and information literacy skills, according to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

In the future, with guidance from Mr. Zhize Wang, Huijia Chairman of the Board, support from Ms.Lillian Zhang, Executive President of Huijia School, and close collaboration with Huijia teachers and students, the ICT Center will make a concerted effort to complete the implementation of ICT education, construct a digital campus and ICT cultural atmosphere, develop students’ independent learning awareness and abilities, and encourage the Huijia community to be IB learners who are information literate, communicators, and collaborators, under the flag of Huijia’s school vision of innovation in international Chinese education.

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