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Scholarship Profile

Scholarship Profile

Beijing huijia private school scholarship policy

Huijia school scholarships policy aims to motivate the students’  outstanding performance in academics, individual character and ability etc. The school awards scholarships to the outstanding performance students in different aspects, including academics, art, science, sports, literature and so on. This award has nothing to do with the winners’  family economic conditions. Scholarship quota is 5000-240000 Yuan . All the students in grade 6 to 12 have opportunity to win it.


You can write a scholarship application form (by hand)with your strongest reasons  and present two recommendation letters(from your present  head teacher and one other instructor.) if you want to apply for a scholarship. Please sent your application and recommendation letters to the following email address before 20th, June, 2015.

Huijia old student:

Transferred student:

I. Scholarship awards categories

Huijia school scholarships include the following categories:

Academic creative scholarship

Art creative scholarship

Literary creative scholarship

Science and technology creative scholarship

Sports achievement scholarship

Special prize in the international competition

Other awards


If you have some special talents or achievements in other areas (such as: science, humanities, mathematics etc.). Please submit your relevant evidence to prove it. We will also take it to be considered. Academic scholarship is a 3 -year award which will be delivered within  three times separately. Each year the headquarter of the school will assess the students’ learning achievement and determine to deliver it continually  or not in the coming year. Other categories scholarships are once a year scholarships, can apply every year.


II. The application procedure

The candidates’ name list of  old student in grade 6( going  to grade 7)  and grade 9( going to grade 10)  should be provided by the division assessment team. Individuals need to submit application form, recommendation letters and qualification proved materials etc. Transferred students need to submit the application form, fill and submit the complementary scholarship application form, recommendation letters and qualification certificates (scan or copy).

When applicants enter the formal selection procedure,  they will be invited to show their work materials to the scholarship committee, and participate related interview or display in one week after submitting the application materials .

Scholarship committee will consider each applicant’s learning experience, test scores, interview performance, self intention statement and portfolio/on-site assessment of performance, etc. (applicable to special class scholarship), jointly set scholarship winners list and awards categories.

Scholarship award winning results will be announced on the new semester opening ceremony .

III.  The application materials

Basic material

A handwritten  scholarship application, recommendation letters from present head teacher and one other instructor.

Click here to download the scholarship application and recommendation form.

Additional material


Academic scholarship

Old students: Students in grade 6 and grade 9 will be selected  according to  their academic performance and comprehensive performance in recent  three years. The new transferred students : All students in grade 6  to grade 12 can apply, but should submit transcripts in recent  three years. Freshman need to submit the local senior high school entrance examination results certificate.


Literary creative scholarship

Can submit  5-8 different style of the prominent articles or an independent writing literature. If the literary works published in famous journals, please provide a copy of this journal. For the award-winning works, please provide the certificate copy.

Art creative scholarship

Visual art need to provide at least 5-8 outstanding, reflecting their artistic style and artistic level works, and to give each work with a detailed explanation. Works must be submitted through CD (no more than 200 dpi) . Please do not provide the original works.  The performing arts, including dance, drama, musical Instruments, music, etc. need to submit a 3-6 minutes artistic creation and performance DVD video. If there are any prize in the performing arts and the artistic competition, please provide award-winning certificate copy.

Science and technology creation award

Submit the electronic version or digital media design product introduction. Provide a 3 to 5 minutes of DVD video to introduce their products, as well as creative thinking, creative process and creative harvest and feelings. Winners in the competition of science and technology, please provide award-winning certificate copy.

Sports achievement award

Award-wining  at municipal or better sports competition  in one sport item. Please provide award-winning certificate copy.

Special prize in the international competition

Award-winning in the international competition need to provide certificate copy.

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