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Equestrian Club

An unusual equestrian club

Huijia Equestrian Club was founded in 2012, and is the first membership club of the French Equestrian Assosiation. Vanessa Vandevraye,the club manager, has more than 20 years of experience in teaching, riding, training and managing the stable. She has worked in different countried like France, the US, West Africa, etc.

She manages and trains coaches, horse, and students according to the French Equestrian Association.

Traditional French Equestrian is a world cultural heritage deemed by the World UNESCO. The French Equestrian Association approved coaches offers students a complete learning experience and give those who compeletes satisfactory a GALOP deploma. There are nine different levels of GOLAP deplomas.

The Club mamager (bilingual in French and in English) and the Chinese coaches she trained (speaks English) offers many horse-back riding courses:

  1. School Riding Class: Elementary and middle school students from Huijia Private School participate in mandatory equestrian courses, class equestrian classes with boarding on campus or extracurricular activities equestrian classes at the Equestrian Club.

  2.  Equestrian Club: Off-campus guests can purchase different membership cards from Huijia Equestrian Club and choose one-on-one or group teaching.

  3.  Pony Club: The club welcomes children around the age of 5 to participate in pony riding and other pony activities.

  4.  Equestrian Summer Camp: We regularly host the Huijia Equestrian Summer Camp and the French Equestrian Summer Camp, as well as an individual-oriented training camp program.

  5. Other activities: Huijia Equestrian Club also hosts other events such as equestrian festivals, birthday parties, company meetings, corporate expansion performances, and jumping performances in the near future.


 Huijia Equestrian Club is located in Changping District, 10 minutes away by car from Huijia Private School. The northeast is mountainous and the air is fresh. It is adjacent to Huijia Farm and is surrounded by flowers and trees.


Eqipments and fields

The Equestrian Club has an area of 4 hectares.

Classroom, horseback riding machine room, club main house, supermarket, and a student dormitory with 72 beds.

The racecourse has 30 horses and 16 ponies, which are of Chinese, French and British breed. The Huijia Equestrian Club horses are professionally trained to meet the needs of all levels of rider jumping or dressage riding. We also teach gymnastics and other kinds of equestrian sports such as polo, carriage, pony games, and jumping.

Closed circle,60m * 40m and 60m * 80m jumping training field,800m track field,Big in-doors course (70m * 30m), has air ventilation and conditioning systems,Riding in the Farm.


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