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Historical Evolution(1993—1997) (1998-2018)

Based on the past 26 years’ experience, we understand that our customers choose Huijia because it is Innovative, High-grade and International. These three features set the strategic orientation of Huijia School and provide a vivid description of the school. Furthermore, they also serve as the code of conduct for all the members of Huijia.

7 July

Huijia Private Primary School was founded in Changping District by Mr. Wang Zhize.

1 September

The School celebrated its opening with Mr. Pan Zhong, Deputy Mayor of Changping District and Mr. Li Yonglin, Deputy Director of Changping Education Bureau.


The school had 16 faculty members and 36 students. The then school headmaster Mr. Wang Zhize wrote the inscription ‘Be a Great Chinese Person’ as the school motto.


7 July
1 September
1 June
The first Young Pioneers conferment was held in the school.
1 September
The total number of students increased to 110.
15 September
The school welcomed its first foreign teacher, Bruce.
1 November
The school rented the land at the foot of Longfeng Hill to the east of Baifu Bridge and broke ground on the first primary school building and the first two students dormitory buildings
1 June
1 September<
15 September
1 November

Based on the approval of Beijing Municipal Education Commission (Document No. 12, 【1995】), the school set up its high school section and changed its name to Beijing Huijia Private School.

The school’s first art festival was held at the Tianshou Hill Hotel.

Mr. Liu Bin, Deputy Director of the National Education Commission visited the school and wrote the inscription ‘Exploring the road of educational reform in the reforming practice.’

Mr. Yang Haibo, Director of the NPC Education and Culture Committee visited the school and wrote the inscription ‘Education serves as the foundation of national development in the long run’.

The construction of the primary school building and the two student dormitory buildings was completed and the school moved to the new campus in mid-August.

The high school section of Huijia was established with 45 students as the first cohort.

The first group of 14 sixth grade primary school students went to the United States for 10-month study.

Mr. Wang Jiajun, the School’s advisor put forward the school mission: Innovative, High-grade and International.

A documentary about the school ‘The Quiet Bloom of the Rose’ was filmed and broadcasted by Beijing TV Station.

The school was twinned with Branford Elementary School in Roland, California and the first overseas study center was established hereafter.

  • 18 April

    Mr. Hu Zhaoguang, Deputy Mayor of Beijing visited the school to inspect the work.

  • 28 April

    The school’s first English speech contest named ‘Outstanding Eloquence’ was held.

  • 3 June

    Mr. Wang Jiajun assumed the role of school principal.

  • 10 July

    The first 37 primary school students graduated.

  • 1 September

    The middle/junior high school section was established with 44 new students.

  • 9 November

    Mr. Wang Zhize, the chairman of the school board and Mr. Wang Jiajun, the school principal met Mr. Goodburn, Director of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Asian-Pacific region to discuss about the school’s participation in the IB programmes.

  • 11 December

    The school was approved by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs as employing units for foreign cultural and educational experts and was entitled to officially recruit foreign teachers.

24 February
7 March
4 June
30 July
3 September
9 October
20 October
31 December

Mr. Hu Zhaoguang, Deputy Mayor of Beijing visited the school to inspect the work.

Ground breaking ceremony of the office building was held in the school.

The school principal Mr. Wang Jiajun went to Switzerland to attend the 1997 International Conference of the IBO.

Mr. Wang Zhize and Mr. John Goodburn met again at the China Hotel and further discussed the application to join the IBO.

The IB high school teacher Lu Jiang submitted the school’s official application of joining the IBO.

Zhang Yechuan, a student from Class 3, Grade One of the junior high school section won the first place in the ‘Young Writer Cup’ national writing contest organized by Lu Xun College of Literature.

The school got the permission from the Municipal Education Commission and the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office to admit students with foreign nationalities.

Mr. John Goodburn visited the school and completed the school inspection as requested by the IBO.

The school was officially approved by the IBO as a member of the organization, which served as the foundation of the school’s qualification as an international school.

Mr. Wang Jiajun, the school principal delivered the New Year address and launched the ‘Three Famous’ project namely ‘Creating a famous school, Training famous teachers and Cultivating famous students’.

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