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2019 Huijia Private School IBDP Results Reached a New High

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Friday, July 5th, 2019

 A major breakthrough! Beijing Private Huijia School’s Class of 2019 have scored the highest on the latest IBDP exams in all past years.

 A total of 11 students scored above 40.

Minrui Shi 44

Haotong Han 43

Ziqi Zhou 43

Yixing Liu 42

Jiarui Li 41

Xinrui Xu 41

Yuli Xue 41

Zhengyuan Zhang 40

Xiaoyu Zhao 40

Zheng Peng 40

Chanyu Bai 40

16IB Seniors have obtained an overall average of 35,


 hitting the highest record in all past years

Composite Score Excellence Rate has reached 81%, 

making the highest record in all past years

Diploma Achievement Rate has reached 95%

53 students have obtained the full score of 7, 

also making a new high in all past years 

20 students have attained the highest A-ranking in their extension essays

 Congratulations to the senior students!

We sincerely hope that, with the encouragement of such academic excellence, Huijia students will accomplish even greater things over and over again in their future pursuits!

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