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“Microsoft Showcase School” Landed in Huijia – A Transforming Upgrade to the Globalized School

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On May 20th, 2019, Beijing Huijia Private School’s “Microsoft Showcase School Program” signing ceremony successfully kicked off on the Huijia campus. Microsoft and Beijing Huijia Private School had signed the “Microsoft Showcase School” authorization contract and hosted the licensing ceremony during the gathering. Microsoft Asia Regional Business Lead in Education and Regional General Manager Larry Nelson, Beijing Huijia Private School Executive Principal Di Zhang alongside other leaders of both parties attended the ceremony. This collaboration will benefit the Huijia School with the educational resources and initiatives of the “Microsoft Showcase School” program, fostering future talents adaptable to future societal development as well as enhancing the educational level and international influence of the school.




Collision and Fusion of Educational Ideologies: A Transforming Upgrade to the Globalized School

Microsoft Asia Education Regional General Manager Larry Nelson said in his speech: as the pioneer of innovative education, Microsoft hopes to achieve mutual collaboration in educational information upgrade, coming in this time with Huijia with a high expectation. Microsoft has rooted in China for years and has invested substantial human and physical resources in primary and advanced education while adapting locally to come up with related developmental programs. Meanwhile, Microsoft has always been innovating and renovating its technologies to provide the necessary technological support for more educational ideas, helping them realize. The collaboration this time is a successful “hand-joining” of Microsoft’s attempt in international education. We hope to see the material results and significant achievements of this program and of other satellite schools in the future.



Ms. Di Zhang, Executive Principal of Beijing Huijia Private School, said in the speech: as an international school with 26 years of IB educational experience, since its founding in 1993, the Huijia School has always insisted in its ideology of delivering “new, high-caliber, and international” education and continually upgraded and innovated its teaching model, aiming at preparing its students to better face the opportunities and challenges of the future. Today, where the industry and human life are constantly digitalized, every teacher and student of Huijia needs to embrace technologies and welcome reforms. Our school advocates for the ideology of educational differentiation, respecting the individuality and specialties of the students. In academics, subjects, art, and PE are the three equal emphases of support, providing our students a resourceful and broad platform full of opportunities and encouraging every child to grow freely while pursuing their passions, allowing our collaboration with Microsoft this time to provide forward and an even broadened vision in order to really build a school facing the future.



The purpose of Huijia in bringing in the “Microsoft Showcase School” program is to aid the school’s faculties and students in every aspect of their work and life in order to nurture future-facing digital attainments and enhance innovative thinking, pushing the school’s transformational upgrade in both its abilities in teaching and learning. Meanwhile, both parties also discussed the possibility of Huijia becoming a “Microsoft Flagship School.” The “Microsoft Flagship School” uses the power of technologies to build a place to learn facing the future. This is a brand-new learning place designed, developed, and built by Microsoft for schools: it fuses leadership, learning methods, technologies, infrastructure, and many other elements, aiming at building a safe and secure, optimized, and highly efficient school that could provide an individualized, predictable learning experience for the students, arouse their potentials, help them succeed, and create an incredible learning environment to achieve the optimal learning results. Microsoft had paid heavy attention to the international background and forward-facing educational ideologies of the Huijia School, which highly match the ideologies behind the “Microsoft Showcase School” as well as the “Microsoft Flagship School” programs. After going deeply into understandings, both parties had locked in with this time’s experimental educational collaboration in depth.


In-Depth Collaboration in Education Concerning Both Ideology and Action

This time’s collaboration concerns several product and service lines of the Microsoft innovative education sector. Phase I will have the future curriculum and three entrepreneurship/maker courses (AI, Kudo, and STEAM) landed. By the end of the year, Huijia will expect its 13-thousand sq-meter new campus called the “Future Space” open to use. The Huijia School will continue to develop its in-depth collaboration with Microsoft and bring in more innovative technologies and curriculums from Microsoft to the school for proliferation and application.


The “Future Space” Huijia is about to open will be a brand-new learning space hosting future-facing education. With more than 100 labs, a distributed 3D learning system, and its facilities for art and PE, the ecosystem encouraging both the knowledge and abilities will allow every student to experience the most forefront technologies, foster future talents with all the necessary capabilities and attainments, and let the students enjoy the fun of sports and edification of art.


Huijia has also adopted Microsoft’s Surface hardware devices, Office 365 Education run by 21Vianet, and the Azure smart cloud services this time. It is not hard to see that the resolve that Huijia is leading all its faculties and students onto the path of accepting informational, smart, and innovative education; having said that, Microsoft is providing all its professional products and services from behind.



Microsoft’s Tremendous Support is Fueling Innovative Educational Development in All Aspects

Among this collaboration locked between the Huijia School and Microsoft, Microsoft has delivered its professional and comprehensive solution in software and hardware, including platforms and services, full-heartedly supporting the transformation of the Huijia School.

The Future Classroom: The combination of Microsoft Surface or other Windows Devices and OneNote including other tools run by 21Vianet like Office 365 will provide the teachers and the students a brand-new online interactive and collaborative educational experience. Teachers and students are allowed to freely annotate and mark on the OneNote docs using stylus, sync and share key points of knowledge and educational information related to class and take the brand-new interactive mode of education brought by technological innovations to classrooms starting with facilitating the distribution of lecture notes and handouts.


The STEAM Classroom: Microsoft’s Surface hardware devices, Office 365 Education run by 21Vianet, and the Azure smart cloud services will together fully embody the advantage of the Microsoft STEAM curriculum. These courses include: the Kudo Coding Lab that, through visual interfaces, nurtures students’ interest to programming and guides them to learning the basics of coding; the Microbit curriculum that emphasizes IoT and AI, providing students with opportunities to get close to Microsoft’s most up-to-date technological research experimentations, encouraging the students’ innovative thinking; the Microsoft Discovery-Series courses that promote the students’ hands-on skills, scientific developmental thinking, and the abilities to use data to discover the society and nature through an interdisciplinary blend of mechanics, electronics, science, and mathematical technologies.



In the future, Microsoft will continue its journey with Huijia in their showcase school program collaboration, uses its various educational resources and innovative forms of education to provide the faculties and students at Huijia with an informational experience in life and academics, and at the same offers the entire school such professional and reliable services. Facing the need of transformation in the educational industry, Microsoft is determined to create more vivid learning experiences for students, more efficient means of teaching to schools, and more possibilities for everyone and the entire society to learn for life, leading the educational industry to its most direct transformation in order to embrace the future of digitalization.

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