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‘Joy Dancing Beijing - A Trip to Huijia’,an experience of Chinese traditional culture for the youths from multiple countries

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On August 13, young people from Australia, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia and many other countries gathered in Huijia School, experiencing the charm and essence of Chinese traditional culture.  

As a cultural and artistic exchange event between Chinese and foreign youth, ‘Joy Dancing Beijing’, the 8th Cultural and Art Exchange Week of International Youth sponsored by Beijing Foreign Affairs Office aims to promote the friendly exchange and sharing of culture among young people in the Belt and Road countries.  


Huijia School, as the organizer of the event, has always been adhering to its ‘Bilingual and Dual Culture’ teaching philosophy and is committed to fostering future talents with cultural inclusiveness and international perspective. During this event, in order to accommodate the needs of the young people from different countries, the school successfully integrated diversified and individualized educational features into the traditional Chinese cultural classes that covered pottery art, Chinese painting, Chinese dance, tea ceremony, calligraphy, traditional handicraft and many other cultural elements. 

A member of Azerbaijani delegation is learning Chinese painting

Sri Lankan delegation is practicing Chinese dance

Australian delegation is working on pottery projects

Russian delegation is learning traditional paper cutting

Thai delegation is practicing tea art

Vietnamese delegation is learning Chinese calligraphy 

There is no boundary in the world of art, and by using art, this common language of the world, the event narrowed the distance between the young people in China and foreign countries, as well as spreading the profound traditional Chinese culture and the inclusive and diversified Huijia spirit to the world. 

We believe the event will help to promote the stability and peaceful development of the region and enhance the friendship between Chinese and foreign youths. More importantly, it will deepen the mutual cultural understanding and broadcast the unique charm of China, Beijing and Huijia to the world!   

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