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2019 Teachers’ Day Congratulations

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The invigorating autumn season always comes with our teacher’day, I will be on behalf of our Huijia Organisation to appreciate all teaching staff’s hard working and wish you a happy teacher’s day!

In the past one year, I have always been wondering: what makes Huijia different from all the other schools and what pushes us to always be the one who leads the educational innovation?

When I was walking in the campus and saw the light was still glowing in the office at midnight; when I was participating in classroom activities and saw students’ light of wisdom being enlightened, I think, I found the answers.

It is the teachers. Their lesson plans make Huijia’s classroom distinctive. Their words and deeds influence students’ view on life and value imperceptibly.

I would like to take this opportunity to share what we have developed in the teaching area in the past one year.

To begin with, I would say, we spare no effort to enhance teachers’ technology skills. In this unpredictable world, the best way to cope is to embrace and change. The Microsoft Showcase School project is going to be a disruptive change across the whole process of our teachers’ lesson preparation, teaching and learning and reflection. Our teachers are going to connect with the world’s top education resources and use the latest technology to maximise teaching efficiency and quality, as a result, constructing a brand-new way of teaching and learning and educational ecology.

In addition, our teachers’ sharing and professional development system has become more sophisticated. Huijia Professional Learning Community (PLC) has been formed which covers all Key Learning Areas to support teachers’ professional growth. The power of masses is huge, every teacher is going to share their professional research results which include but not limited to, authoritative resources,teaching strategies, ATL, teaching software and etc. This module has allowed our teachers to develop and grow rapidly, as teachers are not only asking students to be life-long learners but also to themselves.

As far as I can see, this is only the beginning, there is more than that.

What we have been looking at is students’ expectations, but it is also their dreams where it has the possibilities to change the world. I wish we can work collaboratively to keep innovating and walk together towards the future. 

Chairman of Huijia Educational Organization

Zhize Wang

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