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Huijia Bulletin on the 1st. Semester of 2019-2020 Week 4 and 5

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You are reading Huijia Bulletin on the 1st. Semester of 2019-2020, sharing what is happening within shcool. 


The upper secondary school held the leadership training

Mr. Su Jin, who focuses on leadership development and management practice training, gave a lecture to the Huijia students. He gave a wonderful presentation about leadership and the qualities the students should have as teenagers.


Happy Teacher’s Day

On the Teacher’s Day, primary school students expressed their respect, love and appreciation for teachers through actions in different ways and activities. 


The photography club took pictures for teachers

On Teachers' Day, the students of Huijia Time Photography Art Club chose to take photos for their teachers as a souvenir. It was an unforgettable experience for both students and teachers.


The upper secondary school football club orientation

The upper secondary school football club Welcome Game, was held in the light rain. The new and old players of the Green Dragon team opposed each other for the game, and it ended with a 2:3 score. The students tried their best to compete, which won the applause of all the spectators.


Departure of the Second Batch of Students of the Singapore Program

Students of Class 4.2 set off for Singapore with their teachers this week. They will soon start their one-month learning journey in culture and language in the Lion City. We hope students could adjust to the new environment quickly and broaden their horizons through many new experiences.

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