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Huijia Bulletin on the 1st. Semester of 2019-2020 Week 6

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You are reading Huijia Bulletin on the 1st. Semester of 2019-2020, sharing what is happening within shcool. 


Primary School Workshops for Parents

The workshop about Children’s Attention for primary school parents was held successfully last week by the school’s Counseling Center. Please stay tuned for the upcoming series of parents’ workshops on different topics.


Grade 2 Field Trip to the Museum

The field trip to the National Art Museum of China aims to cultivate students’ aesthetic awareness and respectful attitude for Arts.  



Grade 4 Field Trip to the Great Wall

Given the chance to visit the Great Wall, our children were able to explore the magnificent landscape and splendid civilization while they were lost in this great legacy we have inherited from our ancestors.



Our school successfully held the Australian mathematics competition

In this academic year, our school successfully applied for being the examination center of the Australian mathematics competition (AMC). On 21st September, 112 students attended this competition. AM is the world's largest and oldest inter-school mathematics competition, with 14.5 million students from 32 countries participating.



Our students won the gold medal in the international art competition

In the second China - Byelorussia "art of the silk road" international competition in 2019, our students participated in singing competitions and won many prizes.

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