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Huijia’s Publication Day | What Kind of Future Do You Want?

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From 1993 to 2019

With honor and trust

26 years of Huijia

9000 days and nights

It is our reconstruction of and breakthrough in education

Our history of innovation always extends our vision to the future.

Our insistence on "Facing the Future" is the most vivid characteristic of Huijia.

Winning at the starting line

More importantly, winning at the finish line in the future


The "Future Space" of 130,000 square meters has sprung up in Huijia School, and the brand-new future-oriented education is overthrowing the traditional educational ideas and teaching methods in Huijia. An unprecedented education in China is on the way.

While you may not believe it now, today all students will have no choice but to go into the future and accept the challenges they find there. As educators, we should do a thorough job of growing and preparing for tomorrow’s decision-makers.

What we ask our children to do today must have a purpose in the future. What we choose for our children today must be based on future concerns.

Therefore, we must undertake the mission to use our professionalism to support the future of our students.

In 2019, the "Beijing Huijia Private School Education Policy Announcement Conference " will be officially opened on 3 August.  We sincerely invite every family to come here to learn about Huijia school and a future-oriented educational ecosystem.


What are you really concerned about when choosing a school?


The team? The management? The teachers? The courses? The facilities?

It's better to see and experience than to hear.

On this day,

The founder and the leadership team of Huijia School will meet with you to elaborate on Huijia's ideas and answer your doubts about education.

Your child will truly experience the faculty, classroom teaching, rich curriculum, powerful hardware, and diverse and interesting campus life.

There will be many professional education consultants to provide one-to-one advisory services to help match you to more suitable education resources;

What kind of education will be opened in the upccoming future-oriented campus?


How to choose a school?


Look at the history, the future, and the spiritual heritage.

If you also deeply agree with this and are eager to let children "win in the future", please tell us! Huijia Education Policy Announcement Conference in 2019-2020 is for you!

Please click on the following link to complete the registration and make reservations for limited seats:


Please click on the link to complete the registration and reserve limited seats:






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