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2019 Coming-of-age Ceremony in Huijia | Keep striding forward, as we will always be cheering for you!

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On October 10, 2019, students from the 3rd Grade of Huijia Senior High School had their own coming-of-age ceremony.

Time flies away and waits for nobody. Even though we still clearly remember your shy look and curious eyes when entering Huijia and how you cautiously observed this new place where you were going to spend the best years of your life, in the blink of an eye you are already 18 years old. 

Ancient Chinese used different terms to mark the different stages in a child’s growth and the ‘capping’ ceremony served as the formal coming-of-age ritual for boys when turning 20 years old.   

On the day of the ceremony, these boys would be led by their fathers and elder brothers into the ancestral temple, worshipping the heaven, the earth and the ancestors, then presented with three different caps which they would wear in the future to mark the entry of adulthood.

The first cap was made of black cloth, meaning the qualification to participate in politics and readiness to take up social responsibility.

The second cap was the leather cap, meaning they should perform military service to defend the territory of their country.

The third one was the plain-colored cap, meaning the boys would be entitled to attend the sacrifice ceremony.

The customs no longer prevail but the growth is taking place generation after generation. Today, our students are going to wave goodbye to their childhood and shoulder their responsibility as adults.

The first responsibility is related to oneself. It is independence and self-confidence.

When everyone else chooses to go with the flow, people who keep searching and being loyal to themselves would have to go against all odds and face the doubts of others.

The spirit of exploration and persistence penetrates in every day’s learning in Huijia since the very beginning. Through various inquiry-based learning activities, students are able to find and appreciate their own distinctive features and gain recognition and respect for their interests and passion towards any subject, which are crucial in building up their courage and confidence to face the future. 

Being loyal to yourself and walking your own path. The spirit of persistence as such promotes the advance of human knowledge and opens up countless areas that were once unknown to us.


The second responsibility is related to others and is about taking responsibility.


Entering adulthood means a person will no longer stay in the shelter provided by parents or teachers. Instead, he/she needs to enter the society independently and begins to play his/her own roles such as overseas college student, work leader or parent in the future family. Therefore it is crucial for our students to learn how to face and tackle problems themselves and find the answers through reflection and sensible consideration.

Perhaps this sense of responsibility has already taken root during the learning process in Huijia as our students, no matter whether the group members of inquiry-based tasks or the opinion leaders of the community, all have learnt how to be competent in their work and how to grow up quickly through teamwork.

Therefore, we hope you can continue to keep all these important qualities including the sense of responsibility, courage and self-confidence, as they will be the most valuable assets in your life. 



The third responsibility is related to the motherland and the world. It is aspiration.

If one doesn’t want to spend the whole life in mediocrity, he/she must have his/her own dream. For Huijia students, their dreams should not be limited to personal achievements but ought to be related to our motherland and the world in which we live. To our great joy, such thoughts and aspirations have already been reflected in the various achievement exhibitions of PYP, MYP and CAS in the school.  

Some of our students have been serving as volunteers in orphanages for years and founded their own charity associations. 

Some of our students designed industrial power-assisted arms and are planning to put the design into use to reduce the risks in engineering operations. 

There are also students working on new types of degradable material for takeaway meal boxes to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

What lies behind all these achievements is the true heart that cares about our human community and the aspiration to put ideas into practice. It is well believed, when given more resources and power, our students will make more achievements to make this world a better place. 

This is because the fact that they are not only members of Huijia, but also members of the Chinese people, and members of the inhabitants in this world. 




The touching moment when our students walk down the red carpet aroused our countless expectations. We are reluctant to say goodbye to the cute and innocent teenagers but we also look forward to seeing the change to maturity that is happening to these young adults.

Please continue to stride forward and we wish all of you a promising future! Remember that Huijia and us will always stay by your side to witness your growth and cheer for you!

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