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Huijia Bulletin on the 1st. Semester of 2019-2020 Week 11

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You are reading Huijia Bulletin on the 1st. Semester of 2019-2020, sharing what is happening within shcool. 


Grade 1’s Field Trip to the China Railway Museum

Grade 1 children went to the China Railway Museum to learn about the history of transportation. It helped the students to understand the transdisciplinary theme “Where We Are in Place and Time” better by allowing them to experience the change of transportation from the past to the present. 


Grade 5’s Learning Journey in Huizhou

Students got a better idea of how different environments could have an impact on local architecture, customs and living habits. After this learning journey, they also understood the importance of cultural heritage, and improved their self-management ability and teamwork ability.


G8 students went to the World Park

Combined with the current theme, this activity explored the ancient civilization and three religions, aimed to expand students' vision and cultivate students' international feelings.


G9 Students Held Western Table Manners Training

In the training, students learned three parts: history of western etiquette, elegant seating, table manners. These knowledges will be helpful to students to go abroad in the future and show personal qualities.


Halloween was coming!

“Trick or treat!”, during Halloween Festival, children dressed up. The campus is full of a thick festival atmosphere.


Huijia Green Dragons won the B.A.S.E. three titles in volleyball league this year

The Huijia green dragon volleyball team (U16 women's volleyball team, U19 women's volleyball team and U19 men's volleyball team) won all three titles in the recent B.A.S.E. (Beijing area international school sports league).


Secondary school held "Decoding Puberty" parents class

Recently, the secondary school department invited Ms. Li Beilei, who is the expert in research senior student psychological development and Ms. Huang Zhen, who is the founder of the California Asia-pacific leadership academy and the founder of Best U Career. They interpreted the characteristics of adolescence, development and parent-child relationship in an all-round way.


Huijia Swimming Team Won Many Medals in 2019 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Swimming Open Tournament

In 2019 Swimming Open Tournament and The Sixth Beijing National Swimming Competition, our swimming team numbers :Li Ji, won the second place in men’s 50-meter backstroke; Zhang Xifang, won the second place in women’s 100-meter butterfly; Wang Weiying won the third place in women ‘s 50-meter freestyle. In addition, other players also won the first eight. All the winners obtained the national sports competition certificate issued by the swimming sports management center of the General Administration of Sport of China.

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