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Huijia and Unicom Sign for 5G Strategic Cooperation to Create a Technology-driven and Smart School

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On the evening of November 14, the signing ceremony of 5G strategic cooperation between Beijing Huijia Private School and China Unicom and HUIJIA DISTINGUISHED LECTURE SERIES were held in Huijia Maplewood Theater.


Li Yanli, Chinese Principal of Beijing Huijia Private School, Fu Yanshan, Director of Beijing Huijia Private School, Wang Li, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Unicom, and Zhang Mingshan, General Manager of China Unicom Group's Education Industry, attended the ceremony and made speeches to discuss the innovation and change of 5G technology for education.


Li Yanli, Chinese Principal of Beijing Huijia Private School, is giving the speech


Wang Li, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Unicom, is giving the speech

China Unicom: 5G is Intelligent Connectivity

1G is to meet calls, 2G is to sprout SMS, 3G is to spawn data, and 4G is to develop video. Technological innovation is constantly changing our lives.


The coming 5G technology will become the key infrastructure of the new generation of information technology, pull the whole country and society into full mobility, digitalization and intelligentization, accelerate the social digitization reform, and become a new engine of economic and social development.


At present, in eight major industries, such as education, medical, media, manufacturing, energy, government affairs, top companies have begun to explore the practice of 5G application and network integration, and have made some achievements.


5G+ Smart Healthcare Remote Surgery

For example, in the field of security, a high-definition video surveillance system based on 5G private network has been set up to protect the urban road traffic safety.

In the manufacturing field, breakthroughs have been made in the use of 5G for high-definition video surveillance, patrol robots, AGV automatic logistics, and so on.


 Full Line 5G+4K HD Video Live on Chang‘an Street



With intelligent connectivity, 5G will bring about disruptive changes in many ways. The cooperation between Huijia School and Unicom is an exploration and attempt in the field of education.

Huijia School: Innovation is Our Gene

As an international school with 26 years of IB teaching experience, "innovation" is the gene of Huijia School. This means the courage to try and explore new things, and constantly improve the existing education and teaching model with its power,

for the reason that we believe that only when the school connects with the forefront things in the world, constantly makes subversions and breakthroughs, can the school help students better face the opportunities and challenges in the future.

Such ideas are put into practice in all aspects.

At Huijia Lecture Hall, we brought in top analysts in the industry to share cutting-edge technology ideas with students and explore how AI would influence future careers.

In the course of programming, we set up a complete robot curriculum system in primary and secondary schools, so that students can appreciate the charm of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and win a number of international awards……



Huijia STEAM Course



Huijia Robot Course



Huijia students win international robot competition

In May this year, we formally signed a contract with Microsoft to become the Microsoft School of Technological Innovation, and together with the power of the giant to create the smart classroom and smart school.

That's just the beginning. The future space of the new school has been raised and is being completed and put into use step by step. Here, we look forward to the integration of scientific and technological forces, which will create unlimited possibilities.

Powerful Combination with 5G Enabling Education

In Huijia, students are free to choose their favorite subjects, arts and physical education courses. We have a wealth of teachers and a variety of teaching facilities.


Multimedia teaching laboratory, science and technology workshop, sports air film hall, racecourse...These hardware and software facilities will provide unlimited possibilities for the landing of the 5G exploration.

Here, key 5G technologies will be combined with other new technologies to create a number of application scenes of intelligent education, involving smart school management, distance interactive teaching, virtual reality education, AI education and other aspects. For example:

5G smart sports teaching: Smart gymnasium, smart football teaching;

5G school security: Perimeter protection system, one-button alarm system;

5G classroom teaching: 5G+4k distance interactive teaching, 5G+ holographic distance interactive teaching, 5G+ virtual reality teaching application……


5G Distance Holography Teaching

5G wide bandwidth channels can carry ultra-clear interactive images, providing quality experience of real-time and interactive classroom, and strong mobility makes learning everywhere a reality.

At the same time, the combination of 5G and virtual reality, holographic projection and other technologies can create a near-real learning environment for students, and create a highly developed, interactive and immersive three-dimensional learning environment for learners.

The above-mentioned exploration will gradually land in the school, creating a truly technology-driven and smart school, every student and teacher will experience the new changes brought about by technology.

On the one hand, it is the main force in the 5G field, on the other hand, it is the pioneer in the field of education. We are full of confidence in this cooperation. It will bring students a more forward-looking and broad vision to help them better become future-oriented talents.

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