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Beijing Huijia Private School Successfully Held 2020 New Year Summit & Microsoft Flagship School Signing Ceremony

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On December 19, with the theme of "Empower Education with Technology, Create Future Classrooms Together", Beijing Huijia Private School successfully held the 2020 New Year Summit & Microsoft Flagship School Signing Ceremony.


Mr. Wang Zhize, Chairman of Huijia Education Organization, Mr. Larry Nelson, Director for Education at Microsoft Asia Pacific, and representatives of alumni and parents of Huijia School attended and spoke at the meeting to discuss the infinite possibilities of future classrooms. In the meantime, Huijia School and Microsoft formally signed a contract at the summit, which made this school become the first Microsoft Flagship School in China

As an international school with 26 years of IB teaching experience, Huijia respects the characteristics of each student and encourages them to find their favorite fields and learn deeply in a free and equal environment, growing into unique individuals. At the same time, the school has always paid attention to students' learning capabilities, comprehensive qualities and global vision, hoping to cultivate them into future talents with international feelings.

At the end of each year, Huijia would invite people from all walks of life, previous alumni and parents to attend the New Year Summit to share, discuss and collide ideas on the current hot issues at home and abroad.

In this year, Huijia New Year Summit revolved around the theme of "Future Classrooms". Guests who had different identities and came from different fields had shared their views from a variety of perspectives such as technology innovation, classroom teaching and inquiry spirit, bringing a lot of inspiration to the audience.

Larry Nelson

Director for Education at Microsoft Asia Pacific

Based on the data, Mr. Larry Nelson showed the audience a rapidly changing world. He believed that every teacher and every student need to embrace technology with an active attitude to meet future challenges. The classroom combined with AI technology would better empower education and maximize the potential of students and teachers.

Gary John McDonald

DP Biology and TOK Teacher, Senior High School Division, Beijing Huijia Private School

IB Senior Examiner and Reviewer

Mr. Gary John McDonald first showed us the biology classrooms of Huijia IBDP, based on which he pointed out that the essence of "Future Classrooms" was holistic education. The classroom needs to cultivate future talents from several dimensions, including cultural understanding, critical thinking, creativity, and communication & cooperation capabilities.

Zhu Yimeng

Huijia 11IB Alumnus

Graduate Student of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Zhu Yimeng, a representative of Huijia alumni, shared with everyone the characteristics of students in top universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, and these universities' understanding of education and talents. She believed that devotion, professionalism, self-discipline and courage to explore were the characteristics of students in these colleges and universities. The classes in these schools encourage students to develop unique personalities and dare to express their views, which are quite similar to Huijia's educational philosophy.

Wang Zhize

Chairman of Huijia Education Organization

Principal of Beijing Huijia Private School

Mr. Wang Zhize, Chairman of Huijia Education Organization, deeply agreed with the views of the guests. He said:

Since Huijia was founded in 1993, it has been adhering to the core teaching philosophy of respecting and caring for the personalized development of students. Based on the philosophy, the school takes innovation as its gene and continuously absorbs and accepts the power of new things for iteration. Whether it is the "Future Space" of the new school under construction, the "Future Classrooms" under continuous discussion, or the in-depth cooperation with Microsoft this time, all of them have the same essence: Paying attention to the comprehensive qualities of students and holistic education, and cultivate talents facing the future.

Technology is another major theme of this summit. With the rise of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, Huijia believes that it will bring disruptive changes to the education industry. After signing with Microsoft School of Technological Innovation, Huijia choses to cooperate with Microsoft again this time to introduce Microsoft Flagship School project, officially becoming the first Microsoft Flagship School in China, which will accelerate the school education reform and digital transformation and upgrading.

Round Table Discussion

In this project, the two sides will cooperate more closely and deeply to provide students with more accurate, customized and personalized learning courses and evaluations through big data and personalized behavior analysis with the help of Microsoft's new leading digital education platform for science and technology and integrated educational and teaching resources of all parties, striving to create a pleasant, innovative and efficient autonomous learning environment suitable for students to empower each student.

Formal Signing of Two Sides

In terms of implementation, Microsoft will assign special personnel to work closely with the construction team of the new school to participate in the smart school construction of the new school, HUB space design of the new school, IT infrastructure construction and management, future classroom construction and other constructions until the new school project is finally completed.

We believe that this cross-border cooperation between Huijia School and Microsoft will explore various directions for the integration of education and technology, helping students better face future opportunities and challenges.

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