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TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool | Witness the Growth of A Shared Learning Community

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In the winter of 2018, Su Hang and Wu Yuxuan, who are core members of IB Gravity, a student society of Beijing Huijia Private School, made a decision to bring TEDx into Huijia school.

 One year later, TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool came out on November 20, 2019. Six speakers in areas of art, science and technology, business and media gathered at Huijia Fengying Theater from all over the country and all walks of life to ignite the winter school with their own life experiences and attitudes.

 While guests on the stage speaking with enthusiasm, the team members of TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool were busy off the stage. For them, this event is a beginning and inheritance. As they said, there are always excellent genes in the school. Now, they just appear again in another innovative form.

 "Here, lectures are held all the time. We always have countless opportunities to tell our own stories. Then, why not bring TEDx into Huijia so that more and more wonderful stories can be passed down and more students can benefit from the power of thought?"

 That's how TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool is born.

 Thought creates value

 TED is a world-famous organization devoted to spreading ideas and cultures, and advocating "the spread of great ideas".


Picture of TED official website

 Since 1984, experts, scholars and celebrities from different areas are invited to share their views in each TED sharing session. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, British zoologist Jane Goodall and American architect Frank Gehry have all served as speakers there.

 TEDx is a project launched by TED in 2009 to encourage TED fans all around the world to organize TED-style events spontaneously. They are the efforts made by each community member for exchange of ideas in the community in the spirit of TED.



 As far as he is concerned, during the sharing, sharers regain ideological leap in reflecting and summarizing their own story, and bring unexpected gains to others.

 Unlike previous events, TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool set up a more appealing platform for the exchange of ideas in this community, making the sharing of ideas a trend and fashion more popular with young people.

 On that evening, photographer Li Guangbo, who has been devoted to portrait photography for 6 years, shared his stories of shooting more than 20,000 people and the social phenomena he saw during the shooting.


 Liu Chenyu, Founder of Uan Life Studio and Design Director of Alan & Cross, shared about the relationship between art and lifestyle and the importance of passion to them.


We media operator Piao Quan Jun, shared the reason why he insists on writing and the current communication environment.


 Yang Ming, Alibaba Global Dreamer and senior charitarian, shared about the impact of sustainable development on society and how it changes one's values.


Zheng Yan, CEO of Dentsu Public Relations and Founder of MYImpact, shared the career of an advertising professional and relevant practical cases of public relations management.


 Tan Jiexin, a marine diver, shared the beauty and pain of the ocean and called on everyone to pay attention to environmental protection.


 Learning community, a mobile school

 After the event, many students were full of ambitions and anticipations. "Maybe one day, I can stand on that red circle and inspire more people with my own story."




 Sharing values and lifelong learning are not only the spiritual values conveyed by TED, but also the educational ideas that IB education always advocates.

 In this community with flow and collision of thoughts, the power of sharing and learning is reflected everywhere, becoming Huijia's unique educational moments.

 At the flag-raising ceremony, student representatives shared their experiences and gains in their study and life.

 At the community design exhibition, all the researches are the results of months of efforts for breakthrough and coping with challenges. Such ordinary stories shine with wisdom through the vivid experience of participants.

 At the speech contest, it is not only the experience that touches us most, but also transformation and growth that quietly take place behind each story.

 In the sharing group, besides students, there are also teachers and parents.

As the first TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool has come to an end, the dream that lasted for one year was finally realized. Thus the work of TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool team is over for now. However, the seeds of dreams have already been planted in their hearts and in this community,

 from the beginning to the present, and from the present to the future. We hope that the spirit of TED will continue to shine here, and the tradition of TEDx YOUTH @ HuijiaSchool will be preserved for a long time to allow "sharing" bring more surprising values and influences to Huijia community.

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