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New Year Speech of Huijia Education Organization

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Dear Huijia students, parents, alumni and colleagues,


On the occasion of the Chinese New Year and on behalf of Huijia education institution, I would like to extend my best wishes to you all. I wish you all a happy life and a happy family.


The Rat is the first of the twelve zodiac signs. The year of the rat means the beginning of a new circle. Time flies, and from 1993 to now, Huijia has been through two reincarnations. The new ideology of the school is “Innovation, Distinctive and International,” and the genes of exploration and innovation will lead us to overcome all difficulties. 


In the past 27 years, there have been countless shining moments for Huijia. We have caught up with the once-in-a-lifetime changes of the times and the ever-changing technological revolution. It is the great coincidence of our mission and reality that makes Huijia unique. 


Based on the IB international education system, our complete basic education platform for ages 3 -18 is highly integrated with inquiry and innovation as well as bilingual and bicultural education concepts. In 2006, we set up the first Chinese International school in Singapore. Huijia’s bicultural International education system is unique in international basic education. Twenty-seven years of rich teaching experience has laid a solid foundation for the future of our school.  


In the past year of 2019, we have gone through a maze of environmental changes. The theme of 2020 will be to break through and embrace the transformation of education in the future. The rapid development of information technology brings unprecedented challenges, and the tide of innovation and change of global basic education has come. Based on individual education, we will return to the essence of education, adapt to the new era, and build an independent and innovative learning platform supported by science and technology. The signing of the flagship school of Microsoft has laid the foundation for the cultivation of innovative and creative talents, and cultivated the courage and ability of every student to face the future.


Along the way, I feel that the exploration has not been easy, but I’ve been satisfied to advance step by step.


In the past 27 years, Huijia has successively won the honorary titles of "Beijing Advanced School of Private Education", "China Outstanding Brand of Private Education", and "National Outstanding Private Middle and Primary School". With pride, independence and confidence, students of Huijia have also entered the doors of the world's top universities. These accolades have been the greatest affirmation of our efforts.

It takes ten years to cultivate trees, but a hundred years to cultivate people. So, twenty-seven years is a short-time for our school. At the beginning of the New Year and at this time of renewal, I am filled with joy and anticipation. Together with you to create a bright future! I wish you a happy New Year! All the best!




Chairman of Huijia Education Institution

Wang Zhize

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