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A letter to parents

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Dear parents, 

At the beginning of the New Year, a sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus has made the winter vacation and Spring Festival unusual.

Anxiety is inevitable in the face of a mixed of information about the virus. Parents and children are concerned about the start time of the school, and schools are trying to minimize the impact of the outbreak on children's learning.

As for the start date, it is still to be determined according to the development of the epidemic and the notification from the Education Commission. In the face of the epidemic, everyone's health and safety always come first. The school will keep an eye on the situation and will inform the students and parents of the date when they will be allowed to return to school as soon as possible. Please be patient.

In order to ensure children's learning, teachers have been trained for online teaching during the holidays and various school departments have issued class notices and the “Online Learning Platform Guide” for students.

Starting from February 17th, the school will conduct online teaching using the Microsoft Teams platform. Please urge students to understand the online learning platform in advance and prepare for online classes. If you have any questions, please contact the homeroom teacher or counselor.

Teachers look forward to meeting students online and try to ensure students’ learning through blended learning of online and offline. The online course is a new attempt, because in the different space, there are some uncertainties in student's study state, the cooperation, the learning content. Therefore, the tripartite cooperation among students, parents and teachers is particularly important.

We hope that parents can actively cooperate with the school, adjust children's life and work schedule in advance and urge students to attend online classes on time every day, interact with teachers actively and submit assessment assignments on time and seek help from teachers in time when they have trouble. Teachers will leave time for students to answer questions online after class.

Perhaps some parents are worried about the problem of using computers too long, teachers will ease the problem by reasonable arrangement of online courses and the combination of offline and online learning. But in times like these, I hope parents can understand.

To ensure timely communication between parents and the school during the school closure, the school has opened the following channels to collect your questions and opinions.

  • Principal's e-mail:

    From Feb.11th, the school will reply parents’ questions before 17:00 every day.

  • Click the button below to give feedback on the issue of urgent concern, the school will summarize them and five a reply in the form of parents’ letter.



As a member of Huijia family, wherever you are, the school wishes you all the best. At this particular time of fighting against the virus, the epidemic is testing each of us, our body immunity, children's ability of learning, teachers' online teaching skills, etc.

I believe that all the Huijia members can face the challenge with a positive attitude, can work together to overcome the difficulties, as soon as possible to welcome back to school.

At last, I wish everyone a happy New Year and a happy family!

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