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Volleyball Club

作为世界三大球运动之一,排球以其独特的魅力吸引了无数排球爱好者,作为集体的隔网运动,参与排球运动不仅锻炼身体、培训拼搏奋斗精神和团结合作能力,更能藉此运动拓展人际关系、增进文化交流。 我们希望面向中学生进一步普及排球知识与技能,让他们参与排球活动,从中受到教育和成长,并为学校排球队输送人才,参加校际的交流比赛,甚至出国交流比赛。我们的口号是:感受运动激情,体验排球魅力,享受健康生活。 我们的宗旨是:快乐排球,共同追求!

As one of the biggest sports of the world, volleyball has attracted many sportsmen and followers. As a team sport that plays out across the net, volleyball not only helps gain fitness, a fighting spirit, group collaboration skills, but also is a great way to network and have cultural exchanges. We hope to teach middle school students volleyball skills, help them get involved in sporting events, experience growth and find players for the school volleyball team. We hope to host competitions within Huijia, inter-school, and even international ones. Our slogan is: feel the passions of sports, charms of volleybal, and the perks of a healthy life. Our mission is to find happiness in volleyball together.


Coach information: Graduated from Harbin Normal University Sports Deparment, and has taught P.E. at Huijia since 2003. Is experienced with sports education, and trainings. Is a great teacher, and academic. Promotes happiness in sport, and cares about the growth of every student. Guides students towards a healthier path pf growth.



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