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Physical Education is a big part of Huijia alongside its academics and the arts. Based on the IB standards, P.E. teaches students about responsibilities and helps them lead a healthy life.

Courses include physical, emotional, cognitive, spititual, social, and health-wise developments. We care deeply about the physical and mental wellness, character building, physical training, and ability training (competitions, leadership, execution, teamwork, etc.)


Sports Classes:

Knowledge related to sports and health (fitness factors, training methods, training principles, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise physiology, various problems in sports, emergency care).

Beautiful and precise action (gymnastics, aerobics, martial arts, rope-skipping, yoga.)

Team sports (ice hockey, soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey.)

Individual Sport (golf, equestrian, track, swimming, squash, fencing.)

International Sports (including traditional athletics and sports that goes beyond  personal and cultural experience.)

Alternative leisure sports (ultimate frisbee, roller skating, skateboarding, parkour.)

Adventurous activities (orienteering, rock climbing, hiking, cross-country skiing.)

Physical Education Department:

Huijia Sports Center currently has 23 Chinese and overseas teachers. The ratio of Chinese and overseas teachers is 1.5:1, and more than half have masters degress and above. They are responsible for sports and health courses in primary and secondary schools, sports clubs in schools, school team training and competitions, participation in competitive competitions on and off campus, and related sports research work. There are more than 15 kinds of physical education courses including swimming, equestrian, rugby, golf and football. There are around 20 sports clubs, and 14 school teams.

Special Programs


Huijia Swimming has a unique 13-level teaching model. This teaching model has been registered and given copyright. It is also the only swimming level teaching model in China. The teaching model fit all students in primary school,  junior high school and high school. It includes six types of swimming: head-up breaststroke, head-up freestyle, diving, treading, anti-frogstroke and side swimming.


The Huijia Equestrian Club is the first member club of the French Equestrian Association (FFE) in China, managed by experienced French coaches of the French Equestrian Association (FFE). It strictly follows the French equestrian teaching system and award the French League Galop diploma; Huijia equestrian instructors hold the French Horse Association qualification certificate, can teach in Chinese, English, and French; courses include pony riding, medium and high professional dressage, obstacle courses, stable theory, horseback gymnastics, carriage driving, etc.


Ice Hockey:

Huijia Green Snow Ice rink has a area of 5,000 square meters. It is designed with a new wind-proof and smog-proof venue, and it is an international standard competition venue. We are currently one of the few schools in China that has winter sport venues and has many foreign coaches. The school offers courses for student such as ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and curling.



Huijia Golf's curriculum is very diverse. In addition to learning the golfing skills, students also learn the golf culture and history. Golf education plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating independence and critical thinking ability, strengthening physical fitness, improving mental endurance, and fostering self-discipline.


Goals of Huijia Physical Eduacation:

A habit of doing sports

At Huijia, children play sports from a young age. Huijia has provided students with at least an hour of sports time for 23 years. At Huijia, balanced curriculums and interesting courses give students an interest in sports. The goal of our physical education classes is to let children feel the physical and mental changes that sports bring to us.

Teamwork abilities

Sports not only brings physical fitness, but also enhances willpower and teamwork. The 14 Huijia school teams participated in 66 competitions at all levels and 14 championships. In a sports team, players know that they may not be the fastest or strongest, but they have skills that others don't have. They know their own strength as well as others; they appreciate each other and work with each other in sports. They form an inseperable bond.


Willpower education must be achieved through practical activities and must be tested through practice. Physical education takes the form of physical exercise, and is the combination of knowledge, emotion, ambition, and behavior. The diversity of sports activities provides a very good opportunity to teach students about willpower.


Huijia Green Dragon represents Huijia clubs and teams. The Green Dragon represents strength and wisdom. It also reflects the character of our student athletes. Our goal is to make our students a future "Green Dragon".

 We provide students with a variety of sports-related activities each year to enable them to explore and expand their areas of interest. Huijia encourages students to make more use of the Green Dragon Activity Plan. Try more than one sports. Since the school places great emphasis on the different abilities and qualities of students, the activity plan of Huijia School is always changing.

 Huijia Sports Department has been committed to using various levels and forms of activities and competitions to integrate and promote among students, parents and the community. We strive to cultivate students' excellent sportsmanship and better academic achievements.

Beijing Private Huijia School is a member of the Beijing Sports Exchange Group (B.A.S.E), as well as other well-known international schools.



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