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Psychological Consultations


The Huijia Middle School is committed to making sure all students are well supported and cared for during their time with us. We have a school counselor to help with this.

The Huijia Middle School Counseling Room is known as "Xinyu House", made up of five functional areas: Sandplay Game Room, Group Counseling Area, Individual Consultation Area, Book Reading Area, and Individual Ventnation Area.

What Is Counseling?

The counseling services promote the holistic development of pupils and students by providing on-going prevention and intervention services and offering personal counseling to pupils and students.

Counseling may be helpful in a number of ways. It gives space and time for you to talk over problems or feelings with someone who will listen carefully to you, not judge you, and work with you to try to make things better. It can enable you to develop a clearer understanding of your concerns and help you acquire new skills to better manage personal and educational issues.

The counselor can offer a different perspective and help you think of creative solutions to problems. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in your life can be most helpful.

Services Offered

How to Access the Service?

The counseling service is available to students from Grade 6- 9 of middle school division. Parents and carers can also access the service – email for more information.

Students can book an appointment to speak to the counselor by: asking the psychology teacher or asking their home teacher to help them book an appointment OR emailing the counselor directly

Once you have made contact with the counselor, you will usually agree an appointment time through email. We do have to let your tutors know you will be missing lessons.

Counseling takes place in the Counseling Room on the first floor of the Administrative Division.

Does Counseling Make a Difference?

Research suggests that counseling does have a hugely positive affect on young people’s emotional and mental well-being. This can also have a positive affect on concentration levels at school, thereby increasing achievement.

If you have any question about school counseling of Middle school division of Huijia Private School, please feel free to contact Ms. Yin by

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