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Medical Center

The Health Center is located in the middle of the Huijia Private School, covering a total floor space of about 500 square meters. It consists of two independent buildings and a sunshine hall of some 100 square meters. With a warm and comfortable environment, the Health Center with several doctors and nurses can offers such medical services as internal and external medicine, dental care, prevention and healthcare, and food inspection for all the students and faculty.

Thanks to the great efforts and hard work by the doctors and nurses as well as by teachers and students, the Huijia Private School which in charge of the Health Center was awarded as a “Health Promotion School” by the Beijing Municipal Government in 2008.

Prevention First

In accordance with the spirit of "Prevention First", disease prevention and healthcare is school doctors’ primary task, so the doctors conduct regular publicity about knowledge of health promotion for the teachers and students, including rational diet, first-aid knowledge, common disease, prevention and control on infectious disease and odontopathy, mental hygiene and red cross knowledge, even how to rescue in case of natural disasters.

Publicity and Education

The doctors check food service sanitation every day; check on a random basis the sanitary conditions of the classrooms, dormitories and environment once a week. They cooperate with the epidemic prevention department to examine each freshman's vaccine inoculation certificate, to conduct propaganda and education on the prevention and control of the infectious diseases on a regular basis, timely issue the informed consent of vaccination, and organize students vaccinated on time.

Strengthen supervision

The doctors also conduct publicity about knowledge on prevention and control at the earliest time when infectious disease prevailed, and send suspected cases to hospital immediately, at the same time, strengthen the disinfection and ventilation of the classrooms and dormitories, also Strengthen supervision the people who keep close contacts with suspected cases.

The suspected case will be taken back or to hospital to make a definite diagnosis by his/her parents, the suspected case will be placed in isolation ward if his/her parents can’t take him/her back immediately, when the suspected case return to school, he/she need to take the well prove issued by the government designated units.

Physical Examination

The Health Center organizes the teachers and students to have healthy check-up every year, and communicate with people who have health problem and direct him/her to have treatment timely. The doctors take turns to work for 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. In case a student is ill and needs to go to hospital, the doctor on duty takes charge to send him or her to hospital by school car.

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