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Ding Wenyi: the Double Champion in Academic Performance and Golf

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Champion of the 2015 and 2017 HSBC Golf Championship Beijing 

The Most Valuable Player of the 2017 HSBC Annual Finals and the First Place Winner of Group C 

The First Place Winner of the 2017 China Junior Golf Future Star Competition

Travelling to Belgium as a member of the Chinese National Team, winning the third place in individual match and the second place in the team match.

The First Place Winner of the Men’s A Group in the Fifteenth Beijing Municipal Sports Games in 2018

The Second Place Winner of Men’s Group of the Jiangsu Games in the China Amateur Golf Tournament in 2018

He is a champion of numerous national junior golf games, a top student with outstanding academic performance, a ‘flawless’ student and a role model in teachers and classmates’ eyes, and the first winner of the full golf scholarship of Huijia.  

Ding Wenyi, a young man with a strong and unique aura, is currently studying in Grade 8 of Huijia School. His class teacher Ms. Huo used such words to describe him: ‘Ding Wenyi is a strictly self-disciplined person, therefore all his prominent achievements in study and golf come naturally to him. I believe he will be equally outstanding doing other things.'

How did this young man achieve such impressive achievements and how does he keep the balance between study and golf training? Here comes his story.  


This is My Dream and I Shall Never Give It Up

 It has been 8 years since Ding Wenyi began his golf training on the first day of Grade 1.

As a Chinese saying goes: Parents who love their children shall make long-term plans for their life. Ding Wenyi’s connection with golf was carefully set up by his father, who considers that a child must have some special skills other than academic achievements to survive in the future world.

Ding Wenyi’s father highly values the spirit which golf players boast. As an international sports game, golf does not only make the players physically strong, but also helps them to become mentally strong with self-disciplinary ability, respect of etiquette and sober mind. 

The unremitting effort was paid off by the rapid progress which Ding Wenyi made. He soon began to participate in the games both at home and abroad, making award-winning achievements. 

However accompanying the continuous improvement of his golf level, more time was required for intensive training sessions and games. Given this situation, the then class teacher in the public school which Ding was in had a talk with the father and son, asking them to make a choice between golf and study.

This dilemma is no surprise to the students with specialties in public schools and it was awfully difficult for Ding and his father to make a decision.   

Thinking about all the hard work put into the game and looking at all the trophies and medals he won, Ding, the 14-year-old young man told his father that he didn’t want to give up. In fact he was determined to go to an American university, join its golf team and eventually become a professional golf player. 

Even though golf is the profession Ding has chosen to pursue for his whole life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he could simply give up study, as academic performance is equally valued by American universities.

Just as Ding and his father were indecisive about the future, Huijia School came to their attention. The school impressed them with its focus on science, art and sports apart from academic learning. The environment in the school is relaxed and students are encouraged to develop both in their academic learning and their specialties. Furthermore, the IB curriculum implemented in the school is fully in line with the requirements of overseas universities, which allows students to prepare themselves for future study abroad in terms of their English proficiency level and learning style.


This fitted perfectly with Ding and his father’s plan and at the same time, Huijia School reached out to them and admitted Ding into the School’s golf team with full scholarship provided. Ding Wenyi, therefore became the first student awarded a full golf scholarship.

Ding’s father expressed his gratefulness for making this choice, which would have fundamental influence on the child’s future.

What made them even merrier was an unexpected surprise. 

You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds

After joining Huijia, Ding Wenyi found himself no longer tied up with heavy workload and was able to spend more time in training to make solid progress in golf. 

 ‘The players need to compete in many other respects other than sports technique. During a 4-day game, change happens at all time. Ding has a great potential, however he still needs to improve in many areas.’ The golf coaches Mr. Shi Hu and Shi Xiaoguang commented on Ding’s performance.      

Shi Hu, the head coach and Li Xiaoguang, the training director of the golf program of Huijia School had both worked for the Chinese National Golf Team as director and coach before. It is believed that with their support and expertise in professional golf games, Ding Wenyi is sure to make further improvement in his physical, mental and psychological abilities, as well as golfing technique.


Ding Wenyi was selected for the national training team in 2018 as the second place winner in the national ranking. Meanwhile, he was honored with the title ‘National Athlete’, which is an impeccable achievement and glory for children of his age.


What relieved Ding’s father even more was that while Ding was taking more intensive training, he was also making steady academic progress, which was rather hard for a student new to the IB system.


This credit should be given to Ms Huo, Ding’s class teacher and Ding’s father. Thanks to their joint effort, a balanced model between study and sports tailored to Ding was developed, which gave him plenty of training time on one hand and on the other, synchronized his learning with the key learning points emphasized in classroom by offering him extra one-to-one learning time with the teachers.


In addition, Ms. Huo also applied for the privilege of browsing the school’s teaching material database for Ding, so as to enable him to access to the class notes during his spare time thus enabling him to conduct more efficient self-directed learning.  


Through the continuous communication and exploration with Ding’s father, the school eventually worked out the most suitable way to support Ding’s growth.  


Ding’s father owes his son’s achievements to Ms. Huo for her close observation and unremitting support. Indeed Ms. Huo considers that every Huijia student has his/her own features and it would be her great pleasure and duty to help them to find the right way to grow up. 


For Ding, another great gain since he joined Huijia is the significant improvement of his English level. According to him, in the public school which he used to attend, English learning was limited within English lessons and text books, whereas in Huijia, thanks to the intensive IB learning programs which do not only focus on textbook learning but also consider English as the teaching language and require students to conduct extensive reading in English, Ding has been able to make rapid progress in English language abilities including listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 


This breakthrough made in language also leads to a broadened horizon. Ding Wenyi is now able to freely browse overseas websites and find more information in relation to golf games and the universities which he has in mind.

(‘With the improvement of English’) he said, ‘ I am feeling even closer to my dream’.   


Learning to Express Oneself in a Better Way

‘Ding has been a silent boy since he was little,’ Ding’s father described with a grateful smile on his face. ‘ However after he was transferred to Huijia, I found him more open-minded and willing to share his thoughts with me’. 


Thanks to the group learning style advocated in Huijia, Ding is able to blend into his class and cooperate better with his classmates, as he is required to join the group work to complete assignments. Whereas in the past, he had very little time to communicate with classmates due to his tight training schedule and the fact that individual learning is more popular and encouraged in public schools. 

To complete a group assignment, every group member is required to take different roles based on his/her strengths and Ding felt a strong sense of participation and recognition during the process of collaboration. Once the research topic was related to golf and he, shortly after transferring to Huijia School, was able to contribute greatly to the group and his expertise on golf was considered ‘badly needed’ by his group members.  

According to Ms. Huo, the learning environment in Huijia is relaxed and discussion goes on all the time. 

Within such an atmosphere, Ding Wenyi began to open his heart and learned to share his opinions and feelings with others. It is believed that with the confidence and the self-expression skills gained here in Huijia, Ding is sure to shine in the international platform in the future.

At the end of our interview, Ding said he needed to go to the DP library to look for some materials for his group research project. He certainly has a better idea, comparing to the past, about how to allocate his time and how to achieve his goal step by step. 

It was at this moment that we saw the real Ding Wenyi without his champion aura. He is calm, modest, resilient yet a bit shy. He is a young man who dreams big and is determined to make the dream come true.

We believe that one day Ding Wenyi will be rewarded for his hard work. We wish you the very best of luck and a prosperous future!  


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