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This Girl's Musical Debut Has Been Played Over One Million Times in a Week

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Two weeks ago, she, still an amateur in music, completed her first actual piece of arrangement.

In just one week after the piece became public, it received over 1 million clicks on the internet.

She said, this piece is for a group of people passionate about music just like herself.

It's the show "声入人心 (Super-Vocal)" that led her rediscover the charisma of classical music and, by overcoming the spatial obstruction, get to know this group of friends who, like her, are also pursuing the music dream.

The official Weibo account of the show also put a like on her, after moved by this high-schooler's attention to and support of classical art.

She said, this is only one "small thing" she'd do on her path of music, but to her surprise, persevering on what she likes, that being music, could also generate power of encouragement and inspiration.

She is Tian Deng of 17IB at Huijia.

That girl who's in love with music has never stopped

In the eyes of her teachers, family, and friends, music is the Tian's label. Since her start of music learning at 4, she has treated music as a part of her own life over the years.

"Actually, I haven't been able to feel how much I love music for a long time, and that's because music has seemed to become a part of my life, like a necessary companion in life. It's like, I don't really think that I'd wear my headphones for longer than others would because I've long been used to doing that; it's like, I would naturally want to play the piano …… all this has become my daily norm."

Began playing the piano since 4, Tian had a much better sense of music than the majority of her peers at that time.

Before she turned 5, Tian's parents found that she could reach the perfect pitch and a 95% precision in chord-on-ear trainings without any training.

Since then, music has entered Tian's life. Music has been Tian's "toy", "friend", and even "confidant" and has never stopped being so and so for all these years.

Before Ninth Grade, Tian had attended a public school, and after that she transferred to a renowned international school.

The heavy workload at the public school and Tian’s music learning began to conflict, and even after transferring to another international school, Tian’s request for the music learning environment still could not be satiated.

Back then, Tian already had a clear positioning for her own future. She hoped to take on an international music learning path and freely pursue her music dream with more space.

Eventually, after much inquiring and consideration, Tian’s parents decided to let Tian transfer to Huijia.

Arriving at Huijia in Ninth Grade, Tian finally found “belongingness.”

She joined the G-Chord Band and became the keyboard player. She also took part in the Ruixin Music Club and seized many opportunities of production and performance; she was also an active member of the Arts & Entertainment committee of the Student Council, participating in the management work of the school’s many art events.

Through these opportunities, Tian invested much passion from usual, and in the eyes of her teachers and peer club members, she had always been a passionate and aspiring girl full of responsibility and ideals.

During her MYP Grade-9 Graduation Ceremony, Tian wrote a song called “Wish You’re Here Even As Time Has Passed.” Despite she had only spent a short year at Huijia then, the period of joy and happiness had brought her way more. Because of this song, she got the opportunity to attend the CCTV celebration of Hong Kong’s Return to China 20th Anniversary touring events.

All these had let Tian gradually find happiness and satisfaction in music.

Entering the IBDP program in high school, Tian decided to officially hop on her path of music learning, aiming at the direction of the majoring in music.


I Just Want to Do Something with Music

To expand her own music vision, aside from following her piano and vocal teachers to receive professional training, Tian also intentionally exposed herself to music resources in the outside world, fulfilling her own music inspirations.

She had broadly collected materials and information: if it’s anything about music, she would not feel tired at all.

A show called “Super-Vocal” stepped into her sight just like that.

This is a Bel-Canto Singing show, featuring classical music art forms to the audience, such as Bel Canto, opera, and musical, etc.

Since released, Tian has fallen in love with the show. Throughout the entire span, she also got to understand the hardships and persistence to pursuing the music dream of the music producers. Via this show, Tian befriended many from across the country who are also interested in classical music through the fan groups. Among them, there were a lot who are music lovers and pursuers just like her.

As the show was coming to its end, Tian’s feeling towards the show became consistently stronger and more diversified. She hoped to do something for these people who seriously wanted to sing and longed to encourage and inspire more people to appreciate music and those who love music already with her effort.

Therefore, she decided to write a song in tribute to music and salute to dreams.

“Meixi Never Goes” by Tian Deng

Because the show “Super-Volcal” was shot by the banks of Meixi Lake in Changsha, Hunan Province, the song got its current name

This song was co-created by Tian and a fan of hers Xiaoqi. While the latter wrote the lyrics for the song, the former acted as the producer, arranger, and composer in the entire production process of this piece. The composer’s job was to complete the vocal melody of the singer’s singing, the arranger’s work was to complete the instrumental component of the entire song (accompaniment), and the producer was in charge of the overall planning, training, and conducting of the song.

For Tian, this is her first time completing the arrangement work of a whole song, and the complexity of its arrangement seemed to have exceeded her imagination.


Tian Deng’s Journal of the Creation Process

December 30, 2018

I first wrote a few segments of simple melody for the lyrics that were uploaded to the internet and sang and played them out with piano, where we then solidified our collaboration.


December 30, 2018 – January 4, 2019

I shared with Xiaoqi the effect and content I wanted to deliver with this song and picked several other songs that could have the similar desirable finished effect to further analyze and feel the pieces (including to my own). Because I had to prep for the TOEFL exam in the day, we had to push all our production time to the night. Finally, after 5 nights of struggle, we solidified the basic melody of the song.


January 4, 2019

We started on the arrangement. I didn’t until now realize the grand scale of the arrangement work: a finely arranged piece would take up to nearly two months, yet the time I left to myself was barely a half. I’m very grateful to my instructor of the professional training lessons Mr. Zhao. Under his guidance, I found the direction to my arrangement and figured out the design for the structure. After several days and nights of correction over and over, I finally finished the piece.


January 13, 2019

I found my peers who are currently learning the singing of musical to complete the vocal part of the song and wrapped up recordings. The mixer would then fuse the volume-adjusted arrangement of accompaniment with the vocal.


January 19, 2019

We completed the final version after fusing the video and audio of the song.


January 20, 2019 @ 2pm

We officially released the MV of the song through Weibo.


“Because the song was published at the end of show, the overall sensation tips toward being sentimental. However, I hope to bring everyone the feeling of anticipation and encourage everyone to look forward. Therefore, in our design, part before the interlude tends to be more lyrical, lively, and flexible, which comes with more instruments of accompaniment.

Melody used in the interlude was picked from of the theme song of the show ‘Heart of Light’ except there were some adjustments to the effect, application, composition, and design of the accompaniment. The main melody in based on piano and wind instruments. The first half of the interlude is quiet, where I wanted to create the sense of reminiscence, delivering the sense of bidding farewell to emotionally match the first half of the interlude. However, starting from the middle, the hues of the music gradually diversify and link up with the sensation of the second half of the interlude, and now the instruments of accompaniment start to diversify as well. The entire song should deliver its lyrical sentiment step and step, all the way until the final raise in the refrain. Towards the end, the song gets quiet down and brings the listeners back to reality, leaving them with limitless longingness and imagination towards the feeling of space into the future.”

Within a week of the song’s release, clicks and views have soared to over 1 million. Many fans, music learners, and the producers and guests of the show have put up the thumbs for her. However, the more who have communicated and interacted with her have been those dream chasers on the path of music like herself.



 “My original intent was to do something for those love music, but to my surprise, if I were to do these things whole-heartedly, music could actually bring such great power.”

According to Tian, this was only a wonderful piece of interlude: in the future, she still has bigger dreams to chase.

“Berklee College of Music: that’s my dream school! I wish to become an excellent musician who is not afraid to proceed and face challenges. One day, I will sound to the world more loudly and beautifully.”

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