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Graduates | Xue Yuli: How did an ordinary girl like me gain the offers from multiple prestigious universities?

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From primary to high school, Xue Yuli spent 12 years in Huijia, where she grew from a quiet and shy girl to a confident and brave dream chaser. She shines in various activities, takes important roles in student clubs and makes great and solid efforts seeking her own direction of life in the rich land of Huijia where every student is allowed to grow freely.

During this year’s graduation season, she succeeded in meeting all the expectations and won offers from the five most prestigious universities (University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Western Ontario, Queen’s University and University of British Columbia) and University of California, Santa Barbara. Meanwhile, she was also granted a scholarship of 20,000 Canadian dollars. 

This change from ordinary to excellence was the result of a series of growth stories that involve sweat, sacrifice and resilience. 


Open Yourself

Sitting in front of me, Yuli talks and laughs completely at ease. Early on when I saw her in the corridor, she rushed up to me and said hello loudly with a big smile on her face.  

It is hard to imagine that she was once a shy and introverted child. ‘She didn’t even dare to look up to your face when she greeted you and would blush after only a few sentences. She was quiet and didn’t really stand out in academic performance’, Yuli’s class teacher Huo in junior high school recalled with a smile. 

In order to tap Yuli’s potential, Huo, after careful thoughts, arranged many activities and opportunities for the little girl to explore and present herself, including participating in the MC competition, speaking at the flag-raising ceremony and hosting a number of events. Among these opportunities, the most influential one was working as volunteer in Grand View Garden and explaining to visitors the stories of Dream of the Red Mansion. 

Grand View Garden Volunteer Activity, Xue Yuli – 4th from left 

As a passionate reader, Yuli read through the classic masterpiece Dream of the Red Mansion when she was little. During this activity, she utilized different ways to explain to different people her understanding of the book and received applause and wide recognition.   

The MYP community design in the 9th Grade offered her another opportunity to express herself. By connecting her passion of Dream of the Red Mansion with her volunteering experience in the Grand View Garden, she created a unique WeChat public account dedicated to the book, where she incisively explained her understanding of historic culture and philosophy of life, and vividly described details of the book from story lines to features of the main characters with the purpose to make more people love classics and enjoy reading. 

Yuli’s Public Account for Dream of the Red Mansion


From a shy little girl to an individual daring to express and willing to share, Yuli gradually opened herself up. Meanwhile this valuable experience also paves the way for her subsequent growth.  

Shouldering the Main Responsibility

The activities of junior high school contributed to Yuli’s transformation in high school, where she bravely took great responsibility and founded Book Lovers’ Club which is now one of the most famous student clubs in the school. 

The club set up a book-exchange platform where second-hand books can be shared and exchanged to maximize their values and regular book donations to charity or schools in poverty-stricken areas are also made to benefit more readers.  

In Huijia, students are given plenty of freedom to set up clubs and are supported by the school which provides necessary resources.  It is under this support that Book Lovers’ Club came into being. However to put the idea into practice means travelling on a bumpy road.  

Personal strength is after all limited and will not be powerful enough to engage all students of the school. However the initiative, without a big enough scale, will never achieve its potential or gain great significance.    

Facing this obstacle, Yuli came up with a great idea: cooperating with the school library to use it as a platform to enlarge the influence of and engagement with the activity. To her delight and surprise, teachers positively recognized her proposal and her counselor Ms. Li gave her great support.  

Book Exchanging Activity

During the book exchanging activity organized by the club, more than 400 books were collected. More than 200 books were bought at half price or exchanged and the rest of the books were donated to the corresponding Hope Project schools, Changping Xinlong School, Yuzhu School, Sun Village Orphanage and other institutions.  

Book Donation

‘The so-called pieces of garbage are just misplaced resources. I hope we could place all resources in the right place to benefit more people and help knowledge to spread far,’ Yuli, as the chair of the book club, wrote in the event reflection. 

Setting up student club, contacting institutions and engaging in activities did not only exercise Yuli’s leadership ability and communication skills, but also allowed her to see what she is interested in and the direction of her future development.   

Therefore, Resources, Environment and Development became the key words in her mind and played an important role in determining her future choice.    

Be Confident in Your Choice


When all the different university offers were placed in front of her, and a lot of people suggested that she choose a Canadian university, this girl, who already had her own independent opinion made a decisive choice by choosing to study economics at UCSB. What attracted her was the course of environmental economics featured in the university.  

‘Yuli knows exactly what she wants and once she sets a goal, she will work towards it without any hesitation. That’s why we fully support her ideas,’ Ms. Qin, Yuli’s 12th Grade counselor said.  

‘Environmental economics studies the mutual limits and balance between economic development and environment protection. This is exactly what I am interested in,’ Yuli explained with a firm voice.   

There is no doubt that this interest comes from the environmental awareness she developed when she was a child, from the Book Lovers’ Club activities and from the world she saw through the IB course. 

By learning sociology, she learnt about the positive and negative effects of human population on the environment;

By learning environmental science, she realized the different grounds that scientists and business people hold towards the same environmental issue;

By learning biology, she was exposed to the whole process of resource recovery and nutrition cycle;  

By learning economics, she understood the changes brought about on the environment by various means of regulation including taxation.

As one of the features of the IB system, transdisciplinary study was able to explain the relation between economics and environment from different angles and in different areas, thus offering Yuli a more profound and macro perspective when trying to understand what is happening around her and prompting her to think about what human beings could do to make positive change. 

‘Book Lovers’ Club’ was the first attempt Yuli made. With the deepening of her study, she saw the infinite possibilities in this direction.  


‘ I want to create and make changes, making my humble effort to environmental protection, human society and the future.’  

During the fast growing process that was full of attempts and exploration, this girl gradually generated a clear idea about what she wants to achieve and how to reach her goal step by step.  

Steven Jobs once said ‘You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.’ Every step we made and every experience we went through is a meaningful existence. When connected into a line, they will become the courage and power for us to face the future.  

We expect every child to be a down-to-earth dream chaser like Yuli. What she has is not only great ambition, but also invincible power, and this is just the beginning.


Xue Yuli, we wish you the best luck!    

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