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The“Gold-Winning” Alum | Siyuan Liu: Choose the Right Circle to Do the Right Things

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How to define “Huijia Students”?

 There are way too many words to describe them, simply because of this group’s diversity. Just like how they would describe themselves that the “excellent” and most achieved ones are not the “OG” of this group.

 Yet out of these descriptive words, there’s always a word called “circle”. This circle is not the tiny circle or group of friends in your ordinary school setting but the circle of peers that keeps the helping friendship going, that retains matching values, and that opens up a network of resources for share even after you leave the school and dives deep into the society.

 When interviewing Huijia’s excellence alum and past scholarship receiver Siyuan Liu, he told us that, while at Huijia, he attained not only the essential lifelong learning abilities but more importantly a group of great friends.

 Out of them, there have been a few that have supported him and vice versa for the past 20 years. They have mutually witnessed their youth at Huijia, changes happened to them from studying abroad, achievements in careers, as well as great things in life.

 “No matter where you are, getting into the right circle is crucial. Looking back, whether its was in study, career, or life, being in the right circle has allowed to do the right things.”

 This issue of The “Gold-Winning” Alum, we will get to know the story of Huijia alum Siyuan Liu. Perhaps, you will see a different style of Huijia student.


Siyuan has been very busy lately. Soon after his leave from JD, Siyuan is stepping into the next stage of his career – starting up.

 Since his graduation from the University of Manchester, Siyuan has been on a crystal-clear career path, having never been off or digressed.

 Right after graduation, Siyuan joined Oracle. Later, he got to be in management positions at Accenture, Lenovo, and other top 500 global firms, where he then decided to embrace the new market trend of the internet plus. Siyuan’s goal has been clear – to become an expert in the supply chain field.

 For every choice he has faced, Siyuan knew very well how far he was from his goal, and every of those choices has become a new opportunity for him to fill up his disadvantage.

 “I have always put myself in a circle of people that’s beneficial to my growth, whether when I was studying or now in life or career.”

 Choosing a circle is like choosing a group of companions, an environment, or a certain system of value. Siyuan said that he’s very fortunate that his parents helped him make his first choice of getting into a circle while he was still in the age of confusion – getting into Huijia.

 As for this choice, Siyuan were not in full confidence at first.

As the second class of IB graduates, Siyuan and his classmates were the first minority of IB learners.

 In 1997, the Huijia School officially became a IBO international school as one of the first schools in China that carried the IB curriculum. It was a “breaking news” in the Chinese academia.

 Back then, the road to studying abroad was quite narrow. Aside from graduating from a public school and applying to foreign universities through agencies, no one knew that there was an alternative educational system that could allow students experience foreign curricula seamlessly.

 Siyuan’s parents was at this period that had decided to send their child to the IB educational system and let him become one of the earliest IB students in China.

 However, the first people that had tried the “crabs” also had the toughest experience. IB education for a Chinese school like Huijia didn’t have much pre-existing attempts to learn or copy from.

 Faculty members were slowly finding their ways, so were the students.

 Siyuan said, he could still clearly remember many members of the faculty who had taught him while at Huijia, such as Mr. Lu of Chemistry and Ms. Lan of Math.

 “They not only excelled at teaching those subjects but also spoke great English! This feature was rarely seen in Chinese schools back then…… They spent a lot of efforts, including delivering lessons in English using alternative, norm-breaking means of education…… We as the students couldn’t be more proud.”

 Despite this, Siyuan’s parents still had their initial doubts of this seldom chosen path. After all, going down could mean giving up other possibilities, such as the Chinese National College Entrance Exam.

 Siyuan could still remember that, right before the convocation of his class of 99IB, his parents sat in the car but could stay calm. They walked around the flower bed in front of the campus gate over and over again, pondering back and forth, deciding whether or not they should let their child stay on this path.

 Eventually, it was the school’s resolve and attentiveness that touched them to stay, with it also came the gradual acknowledgement of Siyuan’s parents to the IB education itself.

 Siyuan and his thoughts had started to change while at Huijia.

 He became more and more fluent conversing with his foreign teachers and even befriended them; his overall grades were getting better and better and even received a scholarship; aside from all this, he also participated in the early establishment of Huijia’s student council…… All these changes had let his parents feel comforted from their preoccupation.

 Of course, he obtained some precious friendships.

 Siyuan said that he has kept in touch with the majority of his high school classmates for over the past 20 years. They have mutually supported each other either spiritually or in life, study, and career.

 Through the platform of Huijia, they befriended, and via the many years of life experiences, they have continuously been challenged, helping each other, and have eventually grown into what they have always imagined themselves to be. Looking back to this period of study, Siyuan said it’s these friendships that he cherished the most out of the treasures he had received from Huijia.

 “Cultural diversity had broken me into my circles.”

 After graduating from Huijia, Siyuan travelled overseas to attend University of Manchester with a Computer major.

 Comparing to his peer Chinese international students, who were mostly arriving after the ESL training program, Siyuan had a smaller age yet a much better language background.

 After adapted to the academics and lifestyle of studying abroad, Siyuan realized that he had always been in the Chinese community.

 “Because of my experience communicating with foreign instructors back at Huijia and their international and intercultural backgrounds, I should be able to communicate with people from other countries.”

 Therefore, he moved into the house of a Kyrghyz friend. In his later days at Manchester, most of friends became the British and international students from other countries.

 Siyuan said that it’s this first step that had led his tremendous change in his multicultural perspective. Before, Huijia had planted a seed; now, it lets him attain a wider friend group.

 This friend group has allowed him to understand other cultures of the world more deeply, entirely immerse into the local life, and see a bigger world in front of him.

 Siyuan said this should be the purpose of studying abroad.

 Choosing the right center spot, you are able to enlarge your circle.

 Every choice for Siyuan means another extension and breaking of his personal threshold of acceptance.

 “I know what I’m good at and what I’m not. Therefore, I want to continually progress on those that I’m good at and become an expert-like talent.”

 On this basis, Siyuan has been perfecting himself in his career journey and seeking those “weak spots” in his capabilities.

 At Oracle, he got to understand the operational system and model of a modern company, as well as how to consider problems from a software provider’s perspective; After he realized that he’d need to equip thinking of the users and the actual needs of the customers, he stepped into the consulting industry and started his supply-chain-related consulting work at Accenture; after that, he realized that all this had not been enough and that he would need to become a member of a running firm, and he therefore went to Lenovo where he acquired his first-party thinking; as the rapid development of the internet industry has unfolded, he knew it’s time to get deeper into the supply chains behind the new technology and new retail industries, and he chose the JD Group……

 All of Siyuan’s choices happened to be in the supply chain area, but in every endeavor of his, the boundary of his circle is always challenged to be larger, with it came a larger professional ground.

 His goal has been clear, and he has always carried the saying “end on something you started with.”

 “I wish our younger-generation Huijia alumni who are still in school to keep up their exuberant learning abilities and keep on empowering themselves. In the meantime, I hope they could also solidify their goals and continuously expand their circles and the boundaries of their professions, skillsets, as well as resources.”



Right now, Siyuan has stepped into a new high in his career – starting up. His partners and him are still choosing to lock in with the supply chain industry driven by the trend of IoT.

 He, who has always been running, is now even closer to his dream.

 Siyuan is now even busier with work, but he never forgets to gather with his friends and talk things out, with most of these friends still being fellow classmates of his from Huijia.

 Siyuan said that he and his friends, aside from having a similar environment growing up and a similar system of values, share this friendship since high school that, compared with friendships made in any later period, is incomparable in its purity.

 This sentiment shall be everlasting. For over 20 years, it’s been the spiritual power that has supported them. In the times of hardship, they offered mutual support; in reaching one after another new high in life, they held one another and shared the joy of success.

 No one would doubt about the greatness of their even future.

 Let us congratulate Siyuan Liu and wish him success and gains in his career and the tree of friendship evergreen.


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