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31、What are the characteristic abilities of IB diploma holders after going through the IB curriculum?

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In addition to the ten great merits possessed by IB graduates, feedbacks from universities in different countries confirm that IB graduates tend to excel in the following aspects:

  1. Critical thinking, not inclined to follow authorities blindly

  2. Knowing how to learn

  3. Ability to carry out independent research and good collaboration ability

  4. Effective communication skills

  5. Understanding of different cultures and international mindedness

  6. Mastering two or more languages

Huijia IB high school was authorized in October 1997 and it has been 22 years since Huijia admitted the first batch of IB students in 1998. Huijia is the first IB high school in China to admit Chinese students. In Huijia’s 22 years of experience, a number of excellent management staff and talented teaching members have come to Huijia and choose to stay here to form a strong IB education team. Many of the IB teachers here in Huijia are really experienced (many are IB examiners themselves).

Huijia teachers are very familiar with Chinese students and they know the advantages and disadvantages of our students fairly well so that they can better lead the directions and help students avoid potential pitfalls and go straight to academic success by entering top universities to their satisfaction.

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