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Huijia MYP program started from 2010 and was authorized by IBO in June, 2014.


The MYP curriculum at Huijia is designed for Grade 7 to Grade 9. The framework is a continuation of the PYP and is grounded in concept-based, student-centered teaching and learning, which will ultimately prepare students for success in the Diploma Programme. MYP students at Huijia have a range of opportunities to develop and practice skills in Approaches to Learning (ATL), Community and Service (CAS), Holistic Learning, international awareness, and communication.


Different from the IBDP Program, MYP is not required to follow a common syllabi provided by IBO. The flexibility of the MYP curricular frameworks allows us to incorporate Chinese National curricula standards with MYP teaching objectives and assessment criteria in order to develop a vigorous and challenging curricular framework for all Huijia students.


MYP emphasizes the importance of connecting learning contexts with real world experiences. The program provides six engaging and inspiring global contexts for inquiry. They are: Identities and Relationships, Orientation in Space and Time, Personal and Cultural Expression, Scientific and Technical Innovation, Globalization and Sustainability, and Fairness and Development. These global contexts help students to clarify the focus of their exploration and understand the significance of the subject matter on a global scale. 


According to IBO requirements and the unique characteristics of Chinese students, Huijia offers the following courses as follows:


All the subjects mentioned above play equally significant roles in developing the whole child by connecting concepts in an interdisciplinary manner through global contexts.



To meet different needs of students in academic, skills and interests, Huijia MYP emphasizes differentiation in teaching and learning, with a variety of differentiation strategies in teaching content, process and assessment


Assessment and reporting

MYP implements criteria-related assessments. Students are given task-specific descriptions for all MYP tasks in order to have a clear understanding of the expectation of their work. Daily participation, homework, quizzes, and summative assessment scores will all be recorded in PowerSchool. Parents and students can access student progress at anytime throughout the school year through the reporting system. 


A Parent-Teacher conference is held midway through the school-year and a full subject report is given for each students at the end of every semester.



Clubs and Activities

In addition to academics, Huijia recognizes the benefits and importance of extracurricular activities to the development of a child’s creativity, health, and overall growth. The school encourages students to participate in a wide range of teacher-led clubs and activities such as art (music, dancing, painting, pottery, photography, drama, Chinese Zither, Er Hu, drums, jazz, etc.), sports (equestrian, fencing, Taekwondo, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, golf, badminton, fitness, chess, etc.), etiquette, cooking, design, jewelry making, robot, 3D printing, Science, Korean, French, and Spanish clubs. Students who sign up for clubs led by foreign teachers have the opportunity to further their English language skills. Furthermore, students at Huijia have the opportunity to participate in a variety of talent shows, school performances (speech/debate/drama),MUN, FRC competition, as well as many educational field trips and community service projects.


International Study and Communication Opportunities


In order to foster intercultural awareness and English language skills, Huijia provides students with a wide selection of opportunities to participate in summer and winter camps, as well as international exchange programs. Students have the opportunity study and travel in countries like Australia, The United States of America, Europe, South Africa, and Japan to name a few. Students who sign up for these programs live in homestays, communicate with local families in their second language, and acquire an in-depth understanding of cultures around the world.

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