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The Beijing Huijia Private School is a boarding school. Students have to stay in campus for 5 days a week. 

The school has excellent dormitory accommodation. It is almost like a hotel. Junior students stay in a living unit having 8 rooms, and 3 students share one room. Senior class students stay in a living unit having 10 rooms, and 3 students share one room.

The bedding is changed weekly. The quilt, mattress and the blanket will be washed every semester. The school has a dedicated laundry room equipped with imported German-made washing machines which can set washing, drying and ironing.

The Use of Student Campus Card

It is necessary for a student to have a Student Campus Card, the only means for students when they want to buy goods on campus. They can swipe their cards to buy necessary items such as school uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, or see a doctor, and so on during their stay in school with the permission of their parents. They can recharge the cards in the Finance Department.

The dorm administrators will take responsibility for registering the trading volume of the card and they will make a consumer list for each student who should sign the list to confirm the consumption. Parents will be informed of the consumption once a month. The consumer list will be kept in school at the end of semester. For the transfer students and those who quit school, they can go to the Finance Department to refund the cards.

Students' Accidental Injuries in School

We consider the school activities based on safety first. We will educate and remind the student all the time and train them to stay away from any dangers. We will train them to raise safety awareness and self-protection capabilities.

If a student suffers an injury, the teacher on the spot, if he/she can, will give the first aid for such minor injuries as scald, sprain, nose bleeding, etc., and then take the student immediately to the Healthy Center where the school doctor will give a professional medical treatment.

If it is a very serious injury, the school will inform the student’s parents and send the student to hospital with the school doctor by car.

Accident information required for reimbursement claims:

I. Required information

  1. Medical records, diagnosis certificate or discharge summary;

  2. Receipt for outpatient charges, prescription, testing laboratory report, treatment list;

  3. Disease or hospitalization (Hospital dedicated receipts, list of hospital costs, treatment list);

  4. The copy for student and parents’ residential certificate, the copy for parents’ ID cards (front page and back page): to know the relationship between the student and the adult; students over 18 years old only need the copy of themselves (front page and back page);

  5. Claims Transfer Account should be opened at either of the following banks: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China (the parents’ cellphone number must be attached).

II. Designated hospitals: District public hospitals above the county level; Emergency without limitation specified.

III. Treatment, check the directory, pharmaceutical directory: the same as the Beijing Basic Medical Insurance Related Category Range.

Due to the specialty of boarding school and be responsible for the students, we think it is not a good idea for the students come to school with illness. We will check and record the temperature of each student every day, if the temperature is over 37.5, the teacher will take the student to the Healthy Center and the student will stay there, the doctor will do an observation.

At the same time the school should inform the parents to pick up the student. After the student is recovered, parents should give some medicines the student still needs to take to the teacher and explain how to use and the dosage.

In case the student recovered from an infectious disease and wants to return to school, the student should submit the Infectious Disease Recovery Certificate issued by the hospital in accordance with the requirement of Beijing Epidemic Prevention Department: Fangbao Ke, Changping District (No. 53 Nanhuanli, Changping District), Beijing; Tel: 69721707

Notice for Students Leaving School

  1. Student who is picked up by parents: the student must have the note with the principal and dorm mother’s signature. The students will be led by the dorm mom and go to the west gate in a predetermined time. The parents need to fill the note, teacher must check it and make sure it is all right then the parents can pick up the student. If it is not the parents who pick up the students, you must follow some commission procedures.

  2. Non-predetermined time to leave school (from Sunday night to Friday 1:00 p.m.) the student must have the note with the principal and dorm mother’s signature. The homeroom teacher or the dorm mother will go with the student to the West Gate. The parents need to fill the note, teacher must check it and make sure it is all right then the parents can pick up the student. If it is not the parents who pick up the students, you must follow some commission procedures.

  3. Predetermined time to be back to school: Sunday night 18:00 — 20:00.

  4. Students who come back to school in non-Predetermined time, the parents must register for boarding, the teacher who is on duty will pick up the student. The parents need to pay the fee according to the school's regulation.

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